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Developing a love relationship with new co worker - RW

on Thu 29 Jun 2017, 15:35

Developing a love relationship with new co worker - RW


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19/04/14 02:44
Year: w, Month: cn, Day: s-VII, Empty: t & c

      No Way - 25       Stop - 12

      G sh  -           G sh  -       gry
      R s   -           R s   -       yel
      K w   -  J        K w   -       red
      G cn - -          B m  - -      grn
      B y  - -          K e  - -      blk
      P t   O  U        G wa - -      wht

      6 Strike          6 Match

I have asked in previous posts with regards to developing a love relationship with ET and KG, both are futile already. Now i know this new girl, see my chances of developing a love relationship with this new girl, RW.

Any chance? Does K on self means NO?

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Xiao Hu  #1 [-]

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20/04/14 00:00
Hex is a bit tricky. In my opinion, appointed Girl star for RW is 3rd line. If i'm correct, than answer is probably no.  Is it possible there's another girl already trying to grab your attention?

I think K hererepresent joy. However, K w is isn't strong at the moment...


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wwfjdraw #2 [-]

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20/04/14 00:35
On Superiching laws chapter. It says I think the most important law is this: If a 6 strike turns into a 6 match, things definitely will happen no matter what.

That is it saying.


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stn0404 #3 [-]

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20/04/14 03:32
Not sure about other girls. But she has a friend who has left my company sometimes ago, her friend does like me though.

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stn0404 #4 [-]

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23/04/14 06:06
Hopefully something meaningful happens

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Xiao Hu  #5 [-]

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23/04/14 11:42
Yea, I hope you'll find true love soon.
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