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Will S and I visit Germany to see my sister ?

on Thu 29 Jun 2017, 15:43


somewhat urgent


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22/04/14 11:47
I threw the coins to ask, will Steven and I visit Germany to see my older sister Maria, she has cancer. Steven is male, maria is female, and I am female

I got

Year: w, Month: cn, Day: sh-IX, Empty: t & c   Solution - 40           Bride - 54   G sh - -                    G sh - - wht   R s - - U                   R s - - gry   K w -                        K w - yel   K w - -                     G c - - red   G cn - J                    B m - grn P t   B y X                   K e - blk                                                                                                   Stable R would stand for Steven. The 6th line G would be my sister Maria, at this time t and c are empty and t is buried in cn. t and w strike, so does y and s, and cn and sh; fire kills wood and in turn produces soil. Fire kills metal which in turn produces water, but P t is hiding at this time. t bounds to c and sh bounds to m. K kills R and R kills B Looks like it will not happen. any help is appreciated  


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wwfjdraw #1 [-]

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22/04/14 13:14
Please repost with [/code]. That way the hexagram is readable. The [/code] are shown 

Thank you for understanding.

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dreameagle #2 [-]

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22/04/14 13:35
Sorry when I previewed it it was  readable, typed it in this time, hope it will be better now, really worried about my sister, doctor does not give her to much longer.

Year: w, Month: cn, Day: sh-IX, Empty: t & c

      Solution - 40     Bride - 54

      G sh - -          G sh - -      wht
      R s  - - U        R s  - -      gry
      K w   -           K w   -       yel
      K w  - -          G c  - -      red
      G cn  -  J        B m   -       grn
 P t  B y   X           K e   -       blk



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Xiao Hu  #3 [-]

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22/04/14 21:35
1) What was the date and hour of toss (local time)

2)  What Star in chapter "The 5 Stars" represents a brother or a sister? 

3)  Go thru the Killing cycle again to find which element Fire destroy.

4) Does it make make sense to you your sister Star will sit on 6 line far away from Self line outside the "zone" between you and Steven (J and U) ?

5) Which Stars are empty in hex , and what is their strength under dates ?

6) Did Steven contact you? If he did or didn't please add what happened to your other post.


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dreameagle #4 [-]

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23/04/14 15:34
1. date was the 21 of april sometime between 2 and 4 pm central standard time
2. B star
3. water destroys fire
4. your right my sister is the b star 1st line
5. t and c are empty, t is weak in date and buried in month, c is strong in date and month
6. so far no contact


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Xiao Hu  #5 [-]

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23/04/14 20:52
Empty elements t, c mean 2 lines between J and U are empty, and hider P t on 1st is also empty.. In Empty chapter Alex says "if this is your first toss and 2 lines in between are empty and not moving your wish cannot come true". 

Not sure this question is considered 1st toss.You already asked twice if Steven will contact you. So If behind those 2 other questions was this matter than this is not a "first toss".
However, if this is your first question about the matter answer is no, and there's no point checking anything else.

In case this isn't "first toss" here are a few more points for you to consider:

1) You've got 2 B Stars in hex,1st line B and the one sitting on Self line.  If you check the 6 colors chapter you will see green color can represent family members. So most chances
Self line B is your sister.

2) 1st line represent something happening now or in past .

3) P star = something happening, a mail or a letter, a message etc etc.  Water P star is empty and totally dead ( earthy month & day  destroy it) That why i asked if Steven contacted        you.. Not surprising your answer was he didn't.

4) U line represent Steven or Steven's feelings. 1st line and U line form part of the  y  -e - s  - h  trap called  posting horse representing  traveling  or accidents. 1st line K e
move to strike U line R s. So either he had an accident or he is afraid of flying. I don't know, anything is possible. You know him so you should be able to figure out what it means.

5) traveling mean  expenses, so most chances G stars in hex represent  money.  Earthy G is same as day and month therefore considered very strong. Visiting you sister in Germany will cost a lot. Take into account all the expanses and the ability to afford paying for them. 


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nazurcar #6 [-]

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28/04/14 11:38
Well explained Xiao Hu, but just a little mixed up here if I can correct you.

In Alex Chiu empty page it says

"When both J and U is empty and this is the first toss wish cannot fulfill."

As for dreameagle toss empty "c" is between J & U. so it means different.

" When line between J & U is empty just wait for emptiness to fulfill. "

So day c is a probable day for travel. In some circumstances can be day t too even though it is hidden away from J & U .

I hope this info helps.

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Xiao Hu  #7 [-]

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28/04/14 11:48
3rd line and 4th line link (Kw). 3rd is empty therefor 4th is empty as well. So, 2 lines between J and U are empty.


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nazurcar #8 [-]

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28/04/14 12:03
Perhaps you misunderstood me Xiao Hu.

Here's something that can refresh your memory I hope.

From Alex Chiu page
Important stuff:  If the 2 lines which lie between the J and the U are empty, you have to wait for the emptiness to fulfill before things can happen.Actually, I think this part could be the most important part of my book.  If the 2 lines which lie between J and U are empty, just wait for them to fulfill and things will happen.For example:  Some guy asked when can he be paid by his client who has been hiding from him for many months.    He tossed the coins and got [Arrive] and [Hollow].
YearMonthDateHourEmpty Dates
 twa - Vi t & c
Arrive Hollow 
 Ryox Rm-  
 Bc-- Bwa--  
 Bc-- Bc--  
 Pe- Pe-  
The 2 lines which lie between J and U are empty.  I don't even have to look at other lines.  If these 2 lines fulfill, he will receive the money.  So I concluded that he will receive the money on day t.  Why day t?   Because the 2 lines which lie between J and U are empty.  On day t, they won't be empty anymore.  Although the date is striking the 2 empty lines which should fulfill the emptiness, but they still are quite empty.  Based on my experience, even if the date is striking the 2 empty lines, things won't happen before the emptiness fulfills.  Let's talk about this hexagram a little more.  The top gua is striking back.  When a gua strikes back, it means that there are hesitation.  The guy who owe you money is hesitating.  You guys must have talked about this for a long time already.  The 6th line R yo produces the U line G h.  But since they are gua striking back, your client is hesitating.   He doesn't know if he should pay you or not
Well I hope this clears the clog maybe.

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Xiao Hu  #9 [-]

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28/04/14 12:06
Alex also says in same chapter..

In Empty chapter Alex says "if this is your first toss and 2 lines in between are empty and not moving your wish cannot come true". 


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nazurcar #10 [-]

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28/04/14 12:09
Great. Where did you find that one.

I found another example from Alex Chiu page

Here,Let's say this is your first toss.  If both J and U are empty, and both are not moving, your wish cannot come true. The self line (J) and the U line are the most important lines in a hexagram.  If you ask "When can I become a millionaire?", empty J and U appearing in your first toss means you don't have that kind of luck.  The U line is the source of your luck, and the self line is supposed to receive the energy which comes from the U line.   Empty J and U means the connectivity between J and U is weak.  If the connectivity is weak, things will not happen or things won't be as perfect as how you have expected.  If you ask about money, you cannot receive the money or you can only receive a small amount of money.  If you ask about lawsuit, the case will be dropped because nothing serious will happen.  If you ask about a fight, there will be only argument but no fight.  But if J and U are the same character, this rule might not apply.  (For example:  If U is wa and J is also wa, things might happen in the month of wa or on the day of wa.)  If both J and U are empty, but they both are moving lines, this law also does not apply. For example:  My old business partner has went to the court of Michigan and filed a lawsuit against me.  I wonder if the judge will rule against me and order me to pay my partner money.  I threw the coins and got [Big profit].
YearMonthDateHourEmpty Dates
 st - Vii cn & e
Big Profit   
Both J and U do not move and are empty.  The self line (J) represents me, and the U line represents the guy who is suing me.  Even if he does sue me, he can't win.   Nothing too serious will happen because the connectivity between J and U is weak.Result:  He attempted to lure me to Michigan to attend the trial, but what ever he did, nothing worked.  His attorney said he has no case against me and left him.   But even after his attorney left him, he still didn't give up.  Finally, the judge dropped the case because he and I didn't sign any contract.  Also, I live in California.  A Michigan judge has no jurisdiction over me.


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Xiao Hu  #11 [-]

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28/04/14 12:20
Found in Empty chapter.

In your first example form book hexes  "Arrive" - "Hollow" (19 - 61) date wa strike both  lines between J and U to move

In your 2nd example " big profit" (14) it's is about empty J and U  and not the 2 empty lines between J and U


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nazurcar #12 [-]

Posts: 21
28/04/14 12:28
Yes That's right Xiao Hu,

What I am trying to say is if both J & U is empty and not moving and this is the first toss ,
not one wish can come true.

But if J & U is empty but moving there is hope for that same wish.

However if emptiness is inside the line of ( J & U ) like dreameagle 3rd and 4th line  no matter moving or not just wait for the day and it will give results.

Can you see now the different?

I hope this info helps


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