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What month will my family move out west?

on Thu 29 Jun 2017, 18:04

What month this year will my family move out west?


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12/02/15 16:27
Year: wa, Month: y, Day: cn-III, Empty: t & c

      Everlasting - 32  Travel - 56

      G sh  X  U        K e   -       grn
      R s  - -          G wa - -      blk
      K w   -           R yo  -       wht
      R yo  -  J        R s   -       gry
 B y  P h   O           K w  - -      yel
      G c  - -          G cn - -      red

                        6 Match


Thank You!


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Xiao Hu  #1 [-]

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12/02/15 23:38
Usually when asking when something will happen P is the appointed star, 2nd line P h can not move till date e or s: month e starts on May 6th, month s on Aug 8th.  Self line and U line have a different rhythm, both lines will move and bound on dates m or sh: month m starts on Mar 6th, month sh Oct 9th. Lines can represents a few things, but you didn't give any info about your situation,  so just check Alex's 5 stars chapter and fill in the blanks.      


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RAH #2 [-]

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13/02/15 06:10
Ok you got me, I was being a bit secretive because I havent told anyone about my moving.  Ok here it goes.  I want to move from FL to AZ.  I work from home but my wife needs to get a job there.  The time period in question is in fact March to August.  My wife is applying right now and we are ready to leave for most part.  But now a stumbling block has come up.  My son isnt doing well in school lately.   I hate to move on that note before school year because he could fail I think if I switch schools from a big move like this.  I was hoping to move March to April or even May but now it may be better to wait til summer and hope that he passes.  August would be the latest for me because I would want him to start fresh next school year.  I am really feeling the mountains there and the area of Phoenix.  If you dont mind could you fill in the blanks for me?  I am going to order the paperback superiching soon and I work better reading on whats in front of me.  If my wife does get a good offer in the mean time I think we will have to move and wing it and hope my son picks up the slack.  Him knowing of the move could be getting to him on a deeper level although he appears happy and excited about it.  For now I am not going to mention it to him because he is just to young to have this on his mind and I think it was a mistake on letting him in on all of it.  

Thanks, Xiao. 



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Xiao Hu  #3 [-]

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13/02/15 18:52
U line can represents your wife and her search for a job. 2nd your plan to move and dilemma about your son. Self line (you) gray R most probably  represents worry.

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