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Is it safe to bring this supplement back to my country

on Thu 29 Jun 2017, 18:25

Is it safe to bring this supplement back to my country


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25/04/15 04:25
Year: wa, Month: cn, Day: wa-VIII, Empty: sh & h

      Joy - 16          Little Much - 62

      G sh - -          G sh - -      gry
      R s  - -          R s  - -      yel
      K w   -  U        K w   -       red
      B m   X           R s   -       grn
      K e  - -          K w  - -      blk
 P t  G wa - - J        G cn - -      wht

      6 Match           Unstable

Not sure if it is safe for me to bring back to my country from my trip? No prescription is need in overseas but i wonder if i will be stopped by the custom in my country.

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mmoi1300 #1 [-]

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25/04/15 11:48
I've only just started studying i-ching. I'm going to try to read this sign just for fun, but please be aware that my reading is almost certainly completely wrong.

The self line has a retreating G, which isn't a good indicator for personal property. But, line 4 (the U line) is binding to the date, so it can move when the bondage is struck open. Line 4 is linking to line 2, so if line 4 moves, line 2 will move as well. K produces G. When a retreating line has been produced by a nearby moving line, that retreating line can no longer retreat. So I think it's possible that the self line won't retreat after all.

Another thing, line 3 is B m turning into R s which kills back at it. m (wood) seems to be weak under the month and date (cn, wa). As far as I know, B can represent the destruction of property, so the B being weak under the month/date and being killed back by R s seems like it could be a good sign. 

So I would guess that it's possible that you'll bring the supplement back home with you. Maybe something will happen on April 30/May 1st (on day t, or day c, when the bondage of w & wa will be struck open) 

Please don't trust this reading though, it's likely totally wrong. I only started reading a couple of months ago. If there's a chance you could get in legal trouble for trying to take this home with you, just don't do it. 


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