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Is God going to answer my prayers?

on Thu 29 Jun 2017, 20:09

Is God going to answer my prayers?


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05/05/15 05:19
Year: wa, Month: cn, Day: e-VIII, Empty: s & yo

      No Way - 25       Hide - 33

      G sh  -           G sh  -       gry
      R s   -           R s   -       yel
      K w   -  J        K w   -       red
      G cn  X           R s   -       grn
      B y  - -          K w  - -      blk
      P t   O  U        G cn - -      wht

      6 Strike          

I doubt we can assign one single star to represent God? Basically the whole hex is assigned?

I pray and pray for breakthrough in life but no answers,  i am really underachieving no one to help me in anyway.

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Xiao Hu  #1 [-]

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05/05/15 07:21
yea, God is not represented in hex.  i was told many years ago all prays are being answered. if you didn't get your wish, you didn't pray enough, or answer was no...


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Xiao Hu  #2 [-]

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07/05/15 02:20
You're still a Christian, right ?? P.M you a pray that i found on net. not sure it's the right one for you, if it isn't just look for something similar. i've heard there are tons of prays like that. hope it helps, and have fun on vacation.
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