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Having trouble interpreting my I-Ching Hexagram

on Thu 29 Jun 2017, 20:18

Having trouble interpreting my I-Ching Hexagram


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31/08/15 09:08

I'm having trouble understanding my hexagram and would be grateful if someone could help me. I asked "will I be prosperous returning to work at Close Brothers in October" o 27 August 2015. My hexagram is Kan on the bottom and Gen on top. The 6th line is a O and the 5th line is X. 

I drew out the table of elements and converted the hexagram to Kan over Kan. I then worked out the date as being month: s and day: h II. The empty dates are s and yo. 

I think the self line is the 4th line and my employer is the first line which I believe bounds to the date h?  

I'm now really stuck in trying to read and understand the relationship of all this information?! If someone could advise me I'd be really grateful.

Thank you! 



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Xiao Hu  #1 [-]

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31/08/15 12:51
why aren't you using the hex generator to draw hexes?


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emj201 #2 [-]

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31/08/15 14:03

Sorry! Thanks for the link. I have generated the hexes now. Thanks.

Year: wa, Month: s, Day: h-II, Empty: s & yo

      Cover - 4         Kan - 29

      P y   O           R t  - -      blk
      R t   X           K sh  -       wht
 G yo K sh - - J        G s  - -      gry
      B w  - -          B w  - -      yel
      K cn  -           K cn  -       red
      P y  - - U        P y  - -      grn

                        6 Strike


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Xiao Hu  #3 [-]

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31/08/15 20:39
please keep in mind am just a student like you. now, that said you've got a permanent 6 strike =  no answer. 


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emj201 #4 [-]

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31/08/15 22:57

Thanks for looking. That's really interesting! Do you see this as meaning it could go either way? As we are only meant to request I-Ching advice on a specific topic once, does this mean I can't try to find out more on this? 


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emj201 #5 [-]

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01/09/15 00:00
I read in another thread that the 6 strike means a negative answer to the questions but you put no answer below? Is it only the double 6 strike that is overly negative? I am wondering whether there is no answer until I fulfil some other condition. 

In all types of I-Ching, are the J and U lines always the same for each hexagram or is this Alex's specific determination? 



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Xiao Hu  #6 [-]

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01/09/15 05:32
a no is a no,  than again, a hex is just a hex.  you'll never know if hex or reading is correct unless you'll go back to work there.  

when not sure about answer is ok to ask again. but, if you can't read well in general there's no point repeating asking same Q, you'll only end up more confused. see, hexes tend to be less clear the more you ask same thing.

As for J and U - yes,  they remain in same place always, they only follow 1st hex position in 2nd hex.  
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