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I Ching & the Human body Empty I Ching & the Human body

on Thu 29 Jun 2017, 20:21

I Ching & the Human body

I Ching & the Human body U
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23/10/15 23:25

Qian (metal) = head, bone, lungs

Kun (earth) = belly, waist, flesh

Zhen (wood) = feet, legs, liver, hair

Xun (wood) =  thighs, hip,  chi flow

Kan (water) = ears, blood, kidney

Li (fire)=  eyes, heart

Gen (earth) = hands, nose

Dui (metal) = mouth, throat, lung.

more info about the 8 guas

The 6 lines:
Human Body

6th- neck and head
5th - chest
4th - abdomen
3rd - waist, thigns
2nd - calves
1st - feet
Human face:

6th- forehead
5th- eyes
4th- ears
3rd- nose
2nd- cheeks
1st- jaw

From the book Medical I ching: Oracle of the Healer Within

6th line - Anything above the neck
5th line - Chest, upper burner
4th line - Epigastrium, middle burner
3rd line - Hypogastrium, lower burner
2nd line - Legs, lower back
1st line - Feet

The 12 elements:

From the Book of Change & traditional Chinese Medicine

t = Gallbladder

c = Liver

y = Lung

m = Large intestine

cn = Stomach

e = Spleen

w = Heart

wa = Small intestine

s = Bladder

yo = Kidney

sh = Pericardium

h = Triple


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I Ching & the Human body Off_lineXiao Hu I Ching & the Human body 51x5vrPractice Qusestions about illness #1 [-]
I Ching & the Human body U
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23/10/15 23:26
by Hao Jiang

A person asks about his father's recent illness

Month: c, Day: w-I, Empty: cn & e

      Return - 24       Bite - 21

      K yo  X           P e   -       
      G h  - -          B wa - -      
      B c   X  U        K yo  -       
      B cn - -          B cn - -     
 P e  R y  - -          R y  - -      
      G t   -  J        G t   -      

      6 Match    

Pe is the appointed for receet illness. it's unlucky if the appointed is bounded, so the combo is  bad. Fortunatly, Pe is empty, good for recently  illness . These two cancels each other out.

The bad part is day w is striking Gt, causing it to move, killing the appointed. The upper trigram form a metal combo, increasing Gt's power. His illness is sever.

He died on h VIII, when Pe came out of emptiness and got striked.

A man asks if his mother in law will recover from her recent illness

Month: yo, Day: cn-VII, Empty: s & yo

      Commander - 7     Rise - 46

      P yo - - U        P yo - -
      B h  - -          B h  - -
      R c  - -          R c  - -
      G w   X  J        P yo  -  
      R cn  -           B h   -  
      K y  - -          R c  - -


The apponted is P, for recent illness, emptyness is a good thing, but bounding is bad. here P yo is empty but bounding to date cn, so we can't draw any conclusion from this.

The 3rd line enemy star G w is moving to kill the appointed. But right now Gw is empty, since it turned into an empty Pyo, so she is ok for now. She will be in trouble when yo comes out of emptiness.

She died on yo day hour m.

a father ask about his son illness


Month: yo, Day: cn-IX, Empty: w & wa

      Too Much - 28    

      G wa - -  
      R yo  -   
 K w  P h   -  J
      R yo  -   
 B y  P h   -   
      G c  - - U


K w is the appointed.  Month yo is producing the bearer Ph. helping him to kill the hider Kw . Kw doesn't have any support from month, day or moving line therefor it's extremely weak.

The man died on w day w hour.

A man asks when his wife will recover from her illness 

Month: w, Day: c-X, Empty: y & m

      Combine - 45      Compare - 8

      P wa - -          K t  - -
      B yo  -  U        P sh  -  
      K h   O           B s  - -
      G m  - -          G m  - -
      R e  - - J        R e  - -
      P wa - -          P wa - -


G m is the appointed. The 4th line helper star K h moves and truns into Bs that produces back. Right now G m is empty.  When it's no longer empty, the wife will recover.

The wife recoverd the next day y I.

But why didn't recover on day m II, instead? To understand this, we need to understand what causes emptyness.

The anciant Chiness use 10 day "weeks" called Xun. I think in Tang dynasty goverment employees got 1 day off for every 10 day week. A Xun starts on a celestral stem I day and ends on a celcstral stem X day. However, there are 12 earthly branches that goes with stems, so 2 branches wouldn't appears in a Xun. These 2 branches are called empty or void branches. When a week is over and a bew week starts,  these 2 branches will appear in the new week and therefore no longer empty.

So in the week containing the day with stem-branch pair c X, y and m branches do not appear and therefore empty. A soon as the week is over, both y and m come out of emptiness. That's why on  y-I day,  G m  came out of emptiness too.

Why is emptiness so important in I Ching timing? When a line is empty,  you can think as if it "went on a vacation ". it wont do it's job untill it comes  to work from the vacation.  So if the enemy star is empty. it won't attack untill it's not empty. If the helper star is empty, it won't produce untill it's not empty. If the appointed star is empty, the enemy star can't attack it untill it's not empty, and the helper star can't produce it untill it's not empty.


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I Ching & the Human body Off_linedenvog #2 [-]
I Ching & the Human body Idu
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24/10/15 09:08
I have a more specific opinion for issues concerning health ... and vewing disease in Chinese Medical field.

Tossing the coins for investigating the health status of a client that came to the TCM Doctor for assistance and support ... and take the HEX.
  Little Storage - 9

      B m  - 
      K e  - 
      G wa - - U
 R yo G cn  - 
      B y  - 
      P t  -  J

WHEN interpreting the validity of each line ..( the strength & weakness ) the G star and the K star in accordance to the (S) self line we can forcast the disease itself..
This is a newI Ching & the Human body Arrow-10x10 begining for everyone to try this and so must make a lot investigation about health.
below i quote the text of each line for the HEX. Little Storage - 9 from the MEDICAL I CHING OF MIKI SHIMA ( I TRUST ALOT !!)

Line 6 Good prognosis. Slow course of illness but. Brain and nervous system disorder due to heat stagnation. Bleeding illness. Vomiting of blood.
Line 5 Good prognosis but Slow recovery. Illness of the chest from various stagnations. Upper back and shoulder spasm.
Line 4 Good prognosis. blood stasis with toxins. Intermittent fever and chills
Line 3 Good prognosis if treated by competent practitioner or poor course of recovery. Persistent internal heat and surface cold leading to liver and kidney vacuity. Lower back pain.
Line 2 Good recovery. High fever which exhausts the heart. 1-leal in the lower abdomen causing constipation or dark red urine.
Line 1 Good prognosis. Mild stagnation of cold and damp toxins in the legs. Weakness and swelling of lower extremities.

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I Ching & the Human body Off_lineXiao Hu I Ching & the Human body 51x5vr #3 [-]
I Ching & the Human body U
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24/10/15 11:22
where are the dates, time of toss, for hex 9? without dates knowing strength of elements and "stars", emptiness, etc is impossible.  unless book has a fixed interpretation for each line of the 64 hexagrams. in that case it's not  WWG or Super I-Ching, it's a different method of reading.    


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I Ching & the Human body Off_linedenvog #4 [-]
I Ching & the Human body Idu
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24/10/15 12:28
Month: t, Day: t-I, Empty: t & c


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I Ching & the Human body Off_lineXiao Hu I Ching & the Human body 51x5vr #5 [-]
I Ching & the Human body U
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24/10/15 12:42
those are the default hex-generator dates..I Ching & the Human body Tongue  meant the real dates of hex 9 in book you mentioned (i wanna understand hex).     


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I Ching & the Human body Off_linedenvog #6 [-]
I Ching & the Human body Idu
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25/10/15 05:43
Yes .. It is a fixed line text for 64 Hexagrams !! Total 384 Line interpretations 
In this book threre is the known method of Yi Jing coin toss divination.
I wonder if one could use the Wen Wang Gua principles to conclude for which line is the severity of the problem of ones health.


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I Ching & the Human body Off_lineXiao Hu I Ching & the Human body 51x5vr #7 [-]
I Ching & the Human body U
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26/10/15 09:25
ofc you can.  learn from Alex book/site, at least the basics. practice reading, as a therapist you can learn from your own experience (hexes).          


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I Ching & the Human body Off_linedenvogA querry for an old mans problem of health #8 [-]
I Ching & the Human body Idu
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27/10/15 00:31
 An old patient of mine came to my clinic by his son for a problem of health.
He could not walk well and had reumatoid arthritis all over his spine, other serious problems are .. stroke, and memory absent...

today i tossed the coins asking for the remedy of my patient... making focus of the K star.. the remedy star..
i got

Year: wa, Month: sh, Day: t-III, Empty: s & yo

      Same - 13         Look - 20

      K sh  -  U       P m   -        grn 
      G s   -            B e   -        blk
      B w   O           K wa - -       wht
      R h   O  J        P m  - -     gry
      K c  - -           B e  - -       yel
      P m   O           K wa - -    red

From MEDICAL YI JING the Hexagram 13 has the advising text lines ; (i use the text lines just as the six colors fo Alex Chus works )
Line 6 Fair prognosis. End of an infectious illness. Mental exhaustion. Meningitis. Nausea. Vomiting. Depression in the elderly.
Line 5 Fair prognosis. Onset of a contagious disease. Damp hot phlegm in the lungs causing difficulty in breathing. Eye infections. Heart problems due to heat. illness due to improper diet. Infections of the heart.
Line 4 Good prognosis. Contagious disease at the point of becoming symptomatic. Damp heat in the spleen. Joint pain from stagnant heat. Irregular menstruation due to heat.
Line 3 Fair prognosis. Contagious diseases with a long incubation period. Paralysis and spasm of the lower back Spastic pains of neck. High fever. Liver, wind rising. Hysteria.
Line 2 Poor prognosis. Possible death. Inherited diseases of the family. Contagious respiratory illnesses with fever. Constipation due to heat in the intestines.
Line 1 Fair prognosis. Contagious illness causing paralysis of lower extremities. Polio. Inability to walk Arthritis of the legs. influenza. Agoraphobia.

.... can you estimate the situation of my patient pls ... to have a second opinion... i study Alex Chus famous website !!!

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I Ching & the Human body Off_lineXiao Hu I Ching & the Human body 51x5vr #9 [-]
I Ching & the Human body U
Posts: 830
27/10/15 20:45
2nd opinion..  where's the first ? I wanna  know how you read hex (Super I-C way).  what do you think the solution/cure (K "star") for this man is, and all other details you can dig out from hex.

Those fixed lines for each of the 64 hexagrams are a different method for reading hexes.  to use it you don't need to draw hex in Super I-C way, all you have to do is look at, guas, moving lines, their position in hex etc.  for example 1st line = feet , 6th line = above the neck.   the man can't walk well (leg, and feet, Wood), stroke (heart, Fire ). 

Now,  doesn't  TCM books  have a suggested remedy for every illness ?




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I Ching & the Human body Off_linedenvog #10 [-]
I Ching & the Human body Idu
Posts: 49
28/10/15 00:19
... I agreeI Ching & the Human body Arrow-10x10 with you at last !!... a different method for reading hexes... One cannot use Wen Wang gua for fixing text lines ... Of Medical yi jing.
This is just as one erroneusly wants to combine the Classical text Yi jing with WWG ....
Everything that is writen in this book (...Medical yi jing) has the mode and form of the Classical text Yi jing !!! ..every moving line one gets by tossing coins  has something to say about Disease ....And is for the help of Practitioners to Diagnose conditions of disease in TCM.. The remedy for every textual line practicioners have Arranged depends from their Medical Education on this field (TCM)...
I have used alot the textual YI jing for every situation ... And Wen Wan Gua is a 6 months newI Ching & the Human body Arrow-10x10 reading for me.. Am newI Ching & the Human body Arrow-10x10 in this field !!!
I try to read and understand by the works of Alex Chu's but it seem to me complicated still i respect and try to understand it..  I have read a book of Reimond Lo about WWG .. and I found incomplete.. General and simple !!!
Have any book to suggest me or sending me for WWG ?? .. It should be much appreciated.
I wait your reply
Best regards


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I Ching & the Human body Off_lineXiao Hu I Ching & the Human body 51x5vr #11 [-]
I Ching & the Human body U
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28/10/15 18:19
never said you can't use WWG with those fixed lines, in my opinion, to a limit you can if you want.  BTW, Alex says is best not to mix different methods, even different WWG styles by different masters when reading.

There's a good book called Secret of Wen Wang Gua.    mailed you another one, not sure if you have it or not.


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I Ching & the Human body Off_linedenvog #12 [-]
I Ching & the Human body Idu
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28/10/15 23:37
I want to thank you for your accurancy of your comments and remarks ...
I admire your deep understanding of these subjects .. i have no words to say ... !!!
Many thanks once more
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