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Will I have my wife back? Empty Will I have my wife back?

on Thu 29 Jun 2017, 20:29
Will I have my wife back? Off_linecheses

Will I have my wife back?

Will I have my wife back? Idu
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18/12/15 09:35

Year: wa, Month: t, Day: e-VI, Empty: sh & h

      Chen - 1          Return - 24

      P sh  O  J        B yo - -      yel
      B s   O           K h  - -      red
      R w   O           P c  - -      grn
      P cn  O  U        P cn - -      blk
      G y   O           G y  - -      wht
      K t   -           K t   -       gry

      6 Strike          6 Match

As the situation is very complicated and has caused me incredible anguish for more than 2 years, I look at the P line adjacent to me as very interesting, but know the traditional G would be the wife? However, I see P as my enemy/rival too. But I have 5 changing lines - and the day is not bound to me, but I am not "weak" either in the month/year - when we look at Jan there seems to be an increase in power or action - is that how I see the R? Should I consider the R changing to P to return? What of the "empty" sh? I am really confused - the chen to return alone would say there is a return - but with the changing lines would I just read the 1st non-changing? Agh. I am really confused. Also the 6 strike would be a "no" but the 6 match is the outcome? Can this overcome the strike? I went through the rules, but cannot figure out if the strike is broken?

Also, can someone elucidate the use of colors and their meanings? I seem to be missing this in the book.


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Will I have my wife back? Off_lineXiao Hu Will I have my wife back? 51x5vr #1 [-]
Will I have my wife back? U
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19/12/15 23:59
your original post was on the18th day cn not e.  if not a mistake and you used Beijing time instead of your local time what remain same is:
- lower/inner gua representing your wife replicates itself. worries and anxiety from her side, but also that the situation is and remain static.
- Self and U line fight over P lines means you two have many disagreements. 

meaning of colors -


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Will I have my wife back? Off_linecheses #2 [-]
Will I have my wife back? Idu
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20/12/15 05:09
Thank you for your reply.  I used the hexagram generator and corrected for Beijing time based on the chart - i.e. I conducted the toss at 9 a.m. PST on the 18th, but corrected to the 19th for Beijing, thus the 'e' for the day with 'sh' empty.  

Thank you also for the link to the colors!  I am still trying to learn this method and this part was eluding me!   

If you have any additional insights, I appreciate them!  

All the best. 


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Will I have my wife back? Off_linealexbot #3 [-]
Will I have my wife back? Idu
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21/12/15 01:23
it doesn't look good. Maybe she will return for a short time but then sign definitive divorce ( P black )
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