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When will my friend get pregnant

on Thu 29 Jun 2017, 20:56

Help me for my prediction...


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30/01/16 15:21
Hello to all, my name is Josep, I am from Spain, 'forgive me for my English'. For approximately 3 years, that I discovered the I-Ching, and studied the traditional method with 50 rods. A few weeks ago I found the page of Alex Chiu, and his method captivated me, and although I could not buy his book for lack of stock, then I printed the on-line version. I Have begun practising, and the following hexagram is difficult to read for me. If someone can help me, I will be grateful for it in the soul. The situation is the following one: A friend of mine, wants to be pregnant for already a lot of time, but it does not obtain it, she has done tests, visited doctors... she and her husband can have children but they do not obtain it, so she asked me when she will be pregnant. I threw the coins for her. The result was:
 Year: wa, Month: c, Day: h-IV, Empty: w & wa 
Bite - 21  
K e    -               
G wa   - - J          
R yo   -               
G cn   - -             
B y    - - U          
P t    -                                   
 The date h strikes to the top line, then, this line it is already not a quiet line and it moves. Ke of the top line produces to my line G wa. Then, So that this happens, in the month s it will tie Ke and it will be able to produce my line. My conclusion, is that in the month s, my friend will remain pregnant finally.
He would be grateful for your opinion, thank you very much.


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Ben #1 [-]

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01/02/16 12:11
Doing readings for other people can be tough, I think she is represented by the b star on the U line. The date bounds to the u line which is a good sign, on the day that strikes the u line which should be day s, that she should become pregnant. Personally, I would double check by having her toss the coins while thinking about the question in a calm environment with a flat piece of cloth so then the mentality would be from her mindset then the self line would definitely represent her.


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Ben #2 [-]

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01/02/16 12:13
When the u line B star is struck, it produces K, i.e.kid.


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Pumuki #3 [-]

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02/02/16 06:42
Thank you very much for your opinion Ben, is a coincidence or not, it seems that the element s decides. Therefore I keep on believing that in the next month s, she will remain a pregnant woman.

Certainly: what is the best way of realizing consultations, when it is one himself, which throws the coins for others?


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BenMonth s is in August. #4 [-]

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02/02/16 11:04
Check the calendar on Alex' site, month S is in August. Also a future date can strike a line and make it move not month. A person will read their own hexagrams more accurately then another however there are additional rules for reading for a third party. It looks like date s will be the day however the main thing is that month s is not next month.


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Pumuki #5 [-]

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02/02/16 12:11
Thanks for the explanation Ben, but sorry for my English, I was not meaning that next month is s, I was meaning that she will remain a pregnant woman in next s month...

How can I learn these aditional rules for reading?


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denvog #6 [-]

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02/02/16 14:00
The Year of the Monkey will start in Feb. 8, 2016 (Chinese New Year) ..... so from Wa  Year we enter  to s  .... !


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Pumuki #7 [-]

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03/02/16 11:02
Oh thank you denvog, it is true. Perhaps the best thing will be that I ask again in the year s (next week),.I hope that the answer should be more concrete and clear.
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