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Is the first person telling the truth, is the second person lying?

on Thu 29 Jun 2017, 21:06

Is the first person telling the truth, is the second person lying?


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26/04/16 12:19
First question, I asked if this person is being honest/truthful.

Year: s, Month: cn, Day: m-VI, Empty: s & yo

      Rise - 46        

      R yo - -       yel
      P h  - -       red
 K w  G c  - - J     grn
      R yo  -        blk
 B y  P h   -        wht
      G c  - - U     gry


Second, I asked if the other person is lying.


Year: s, Month: cn, Day: m-VI, Empty: s & yo

      Li - 30           Abide - 17

      B e   O  J        K wa - -      yel
      K wa  X           G yo  -       red
      G yo  -           R h   -       grn
      R h   O  U        K cn - -      blk
      K c  - -          P y  - -      wht
      P m   -           R t   -       gry

      6 Strike          Stable

What are your thoughts on these 2 readings.


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denvog #1 [-]

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28/04/16 03:42
Dear sir Hi
I believe that the first person is honest .. And telling the truth... Is obvious from the second tossing haexagram.. !!!
What is your position ?


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Ben #2 [-]

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04/05/16 21:04
Denvog, what is obvious from the 2nd hexagram? Is the second person lying?

I believe the first person is generally telling the truth, but may be somewhat biased; though they have nothing to gain from lying and are taking risks by coming forward

The second person may be telling half truths to their benefit. There is probably some truth to their story, but there are parts that are definitely false. The reason I tossed the coins was I looked at the evidence and the first person seems more credible and shines a light on dishonesty of the second person. However, someone strongly disagreed and I decided to seek an answer beyond the lies that people tell.

(Unrelated story to make a point) When I was seeing my ex, a lot of people were manipulating me. She and later another girl I was seeing would lie and I knew they were lying, but had no proof and tried telling them I trusted them to make the right decision. The last time I saw her, I pointed out that the I Ching gave me warnings when I first started seeing her and I didn't listen. Now I know she will not quit drugs and I have to leave, knowing I would never say such a discouraging statement to her if I was not sure (and she probably knew I could forsee the future and would no longer fall for her lies) and she finally stopped lying to me. We had a nice dinner (she paid for herself) and that was the last time I saw her. I generally have great accuracy, but sometimes will be uncertain (and not taking action until certain often has no cost; except in existing business.) I also posted a list of questions that I could not find the answers in Super I Ching book (I got it 11 years ago) that I want to know how it works for the pocket reference guide I am almost finished with.


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denvog #3 [-]

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05/05/16 00:57
Dear Ben Hi
When I said that the second tossing is obvious.. I mean most accurate for the prediction.
You are right that to many persons (women) with many lyings are confusing your decision.. But you can see that when she (... Woman you like) desided to behave honestly for once in a nice dinner with you . so in the second tossing the sixth B self moving line is linking with fifth G yo by the K wa . The woman G yo is empty but day m brake this emptiness and deside to be honest. ....
Meanwhile you açept her as lying and your mentality connected by the line U .. Moving line R h .
At the end self moving line B e repels the R h moving line that's you .!!! 
Of course she is honest to you only and for a while... I think she needs much help and support.
..This is my opinion .. How do you find ??!!!


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Ben #4 [-]

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05/05/16 08:03
The story was to illustrate a point, the two I Ching readings were about different sources telling conflicting information.


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denvog #5 [-]

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05/05/16 10:03
Dear Ben Hi..
Yi Jing's answers are very tricky sometimes ..!!! And especially when you try by an intention to yearn for an answer by trying two tossings ... everything is possibile !!
.. i have seen this many times.
Best regards ......

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Ben #6 [-]

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05/05/16 12:53
Denvog, check out my other question; I need to fill in these uncertain area's for the pocket reference guide.
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