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Question about process, not about a specific reading

on Thu 29 Jun 2017, 21:08

I Ching questions (about process, not about a specific reading)


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04/05/16 12:59
Does yellow P star mean anything?

Does it mean anything if the Hider produces the Bearer?

Has the mystery of Date-II been solved since Alex Chiu's first edition?

If the self line kills or produces the month or date, does what (if anything does that mean?)

If only month or date strikes G star (not both), is it safe to invest?

The reason I am asking these questions is I am making a pocket I Ching reference guide, the last page is the cheat sheet. It's almost done, I made 1 that had typo's and formatting issues. But, until my I Ching interpretation app is created and fully functional (especially being able to identify appointed stars based on question category); a pocket reference guide is very important.

Meaning of:
Adv. P on a business question?

Ret. P on a money question?

Adv R and Ret B with permanant 6 strike on a question about making money with stocks?

Adv. P and Ret K on a Sex question?

Adv. B, Ret G on health improvement?

Adv K, Ret R on Job improvement?

Adv K, Ret B Dating? Also on Job question?

Adv R, Ret P benefit from joining a club?

Retreating G star in fame question?

Adv K, Ret B on friendship question?

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denvog #1 [-]

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06/05/16 01:38
Dear Ben Hi
I will try to help you on first querry...
You write : Does yellow P star mean anything?
from Alex Chiu"s superyiching is not mention about yellow P star (perhaps is missing !!! ) but just only he mention in chapter about FENG SHUI (...Yellow represents something curvy.  P represents a big building.)
From some other sourses the yellow color is called GOU TENG (WORM UNDER YIN YELLOW EARTH ). Worms are moving in a curvy way tortuously and not openly... just as viruses.. in medicine... other meanings may be a deft, slicker, dexterous, skilful, shrewd, fraud, shark, deceiver, faker, swindler.
These sourses combine the six colors (..animals) not only with the five stars but also with earthly branches of yi jing lines, the voids, the hidders, the lower - upper guas, etc.

P represent not only buildings but so many other things and depends of what it represent in a querry and if this star is healthy, strong, burried, killed, out of strength etc.
So somehow i tried to answer of your first question... 

bye ..


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Ben #2 [-]

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06/05/16 19:12
Thank you
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