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Asking if we must adjust to Beijing local time ?

on Thu 29 Jun 2017, 21:26

Asking if we must adjust Beijing local time when making Wen Wang Gua.


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08/04/16 10:34
Dear Sir or everyone is knowing these issues..
I try hard to believe that when using Wen Wang Gua one must adjust time with Beijing ..!!!
Perhaps Ba Ji or other styles of Chinese astrology one may make this time adjustment but for divinatory arts just as yi jing or mei hua, or Wen Wang Gua is not correct , or not needed.
l have an opinion that Beijing time adjustment must be done for people born in China.. And live in other countries .. Especially if one calculate the Fate using BaZi , or ZWDS.
I want your opinion .. 

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Ben #1 [-]

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06/05/16 21:29
Alex says yes, a very accurate person said it's not needed. I think my accuracy improved when I started to convert to Beijing time. No matter what, don't go back and forth. Pick one and stick with it, but I think Beijing is the way to go. I generally make accurate predictions, but sometimes have no clue on something. I am still trying to fill in areas I am uncertain of.


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denvog #2 [-]

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08/05/16 01:22
Dear Ben Hi
 Perhaps this is true to adjust Beijing time for two reasons..
1 To countries that are too far from China adjust must be for only the day. 

Par example for Greece the starting  new day of China is 5 later of local time of the day... That's OK but the branches of the Hour must be the same ..example: Branch t 23:00 - 1:00----Hour in local time..

2 is an extreme scenario --- for those born in native China for themselves only .. and for fate calculations just as Ba Zi...!!!

I like to read and use Wen Wang gua of Alex Chius Superyijing website ... but perhaps all his work based on Beijing time adjust was successful for one reason ... his work was mostly personal (tossing coins arranged 800 hexagrams ) and he is a Chinese person .. or came from Chinese Parents ( ... although born in San Francisco in 1971 from Taiwanese parents they sent him to Taiwan where his grand parents raised him up )
your opinion is valuable and much appreciated...!!!!
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