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Will I make money card counting in Las Vegas if I go on 9/4?

on Thu 29 Jun 2017, 21:37

Will I make money card counting in Las Vegas if I go on 9/4?


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25/08/16 19:54
I plan to go to Las Vegas to count cards, will I make money if I leave on Sept. 4th?

Year: s, Month: s, Day: cn-VII, Empty: s & yo

      Abide - 17        Compare - 8

      G wa - - U        P t  - -      gry
      R yo  -           G sh  -       yel
 K w  P h   O           R s  - -      red
      G cn - - J        B m  - -      grn
      B y  - -          K e  - -      blk
      P t   O           G wa - -      wht

      Stable            Stable


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Ben #1 [-]

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28/08/16 17:17
Nevermind, I did another reading that said yes pretty clearly. This one looks a little like yes, but I wasn't sure. I will update when my trip is over.


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denvog #2 [-]

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28/08/16 22:01
bengfrorer wrote:

Nevermind, I did another reading that said yes pretty clearly. This one looks a little like yes, but I wasn't sure. I will update when my trip is overAAa.


... and this one is very clear . .. when the emptiness  between self and other is over something important is going to happen.
The element sh when reach on the day or month will strike Gcn on the self line and then Gcn will bound with Ryo of the sixth line.
This bound is very good for your plans.
Perhaps the start of your trip on 7,8 September is good for your plans because month yo is bounding with self line Gcn .
I wondering if you stay las Vegas on month  sh starting 7 or 8 October

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BenThanks #3 [-]

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30/08/16 07:12
Thanks for analysis of this question, sometimes you need an outside person to notice something that would normally be obvious. If things go well, I plan to move there; but long term accommodations and travel will be an issue. Strip traffic can be bad, outside of there traffic should be a non-issue. I have not seen any safe/clean weekly apartments online in Las Vegas, so I found a downtown hotel/casino with no resort fee (even the Hooters casino is charging $20 a night, insane.) There are 6 areas of Vegas that I plan on rotating so they don't get too used to seeing me. Tempting to use comps to pay for rooms, I haven't ruled it out; but you have to disguise winnings if you do that. I would not get rated in casino's marked as "quick to back off counters" since they are likely in the same chain's that don't bother me. Waiting until October could be for long term accommodations, thanks for your help.


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BenResults #4 [-]

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12/09/16 09:50
The result was not what I was looking for. I had a lot of winning sessions, but the losing sessions wiped them out. The worst session I had done a Chi-Chi stick reading before and it said I'd make money but to avoid partners. I lost money at a single deck (full pay) blackjack table with other players at it (could be the partner I was warned about), but got 2 nights comped (which saved me some money.) I managed to play at a place known for barring anyone winning, I was told to flat bet the first day after winning $500 but just started coming in without using ID or players card and it was never mentioned again. Out of 50 sessions, only 5 were big losses; but they wiped out any gains and caused me a large enough loss that combined with smoke irritation and sore feet; I'm not looking to make this my livelihood.

My biggest concern is that I have been wrong lately in I Ching predictions. I was right for 53 out of 57 predictions early this year, 3 of the 4 wrong were done too fast together and the other was on a subject that I had no prior knowledge.

In the last few months, I've been wrong on Alan Grayson, Making money on this trip and a few other minor things. I was right that there was limited gain in one situation that I simply took the easy money instead of holding out for more. I should begin studying and making sure I didn't misunderstand anything.


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denvog #5 [-]

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13/09/16 05:13
Dear Ben Hi
... unfortunately you are a winner. . But without a strategy. . !!
You must be very careful when try to gain money ..
Try small things first ..
Rome is not build in one day..!!
honesty  I worried for your loss. .


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Ben #6 [-]

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14/09/16 18:12
I had strategy, but even with an edge in card counting you can win or lose 50 units due to standard deviation. The range looks like -4900 to +5000, with an expectation of +100 for example. I cut my losses and came back to rebuild, I haven't decided if I will try the same venue again.
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