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Is this girl single?

on Thu 29 Jun 2017, 21:39

Is this girl single?


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22/12/16 23:17

Year: s, Month: t, Day: m-VI, Empty: s & yo

      Hide - 33         Intercourse - 31

      P sh  O           P wa - -      yel
      B s   -  U        B yo  -       red
      R w   -           K h   -       grn
      B s   -           B s   -       blk
 G y  R w  - - J        R w  - -      wht
 K t  P cn - -          P cn - -      gry


What do you think? Is this girl single? 


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denvog #1 [-]

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25/12/16 03:08
Dear Ben hi .. and merry Christmas to you.
.. this query has an easy answer. ! But has special difficulty for lacking some points..
1. Who is making this query ...
2. The person making this query is involved in relationship with her ?
3. after all this query is made with (yongshen) or pure mental interest or for curiosity ?

Sorry not answering ..
Due to be more watchful not making other mistakes ..!!
You know what I mean
Best regards


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Ben #2 [-]

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05/01/17 15:31
I am interested in this girl, I had just met her when I tossed the coins.


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denvog #3 [-]

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07/01/17 13:30
Dear Ben hi

Indeed you fall in love with her ... she is very attractive one. !!
You must watch for some points of this relationship.
She hide the truth from you.. about her past relations ... maybe she is not ready to tell.
Sixth moving line P star retreating .. and bounding with day means that you trust and protect her until something happened ..!!
She is not single but she will give you some explanation about her past ... she want to take over !
Next year Yo .. and spring will very good period for new beginnings .. and new hopes for your relationship with her..
Favourite month or day is e .
Tomorrow is something going to happen !! .. for good reason maybe..
Bye ..
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