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Please verify: Will this girl I know go out with me?

on Thu 29 Jun 2017, 22:22

Please verify: Will this girl I know go out with me?


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18/06/17 20:34

Year: yo, Month: w, Day: c-IV, Empty: s & yo

      Family - 37       Big Profit - 14

      B m   -           K e   -       grn
      K e   O  U        G wa - -      blk
      G wa  X           R yo  -       wht
 R yo P h   -           G cn  -       gry
      G c   X  J        B y   -       yel
      B m   -           P t   -       red


My interpretation is her line turns into a black G, so if that rule still applies; I wouldn't want to date her. Her line then links to the line below (I think) and turns into an R star (she has a man, if I interpreted it right.) My G line turns into B star and kills back at itself (I think), thus it's a big fat no. Did I miss anything or misinterpret anything?


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Xiao Hu  #1 [-]

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19/06/17 05:02
3 different Girl Stars in hex.  what makes you think that specific girl is represented by U line, G wa, and not self line G c for example ?   

also, if Q is  "will X happen if I do something" minute you decide you ain't going to do anything, answer is no.  in my opinion, asking about her feelings for you is better than asking way you did. if she likes you, most chances she will date you. 
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Re: Please verify: Will this girl I know go out with me?

on Sun 30 Jul 2017, 20:28
Both love and marriage (if that is what you seek) are possible with 37 as it generally shows good compatibility.
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