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I met many messiah wannabes in my life

on Sat 01 Jul 2017, 09:11

I met many messiah wannabes in my life


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03/01/13 20:27
Just saw a video from some guy named Christopher at youtube, and his video basicaly states that he received dreams from God which says he is the messiah and will be crowned king of the world in the future.

Damn.  You know.  I have sympathy for this guy.  Not that I don't believe him.  Its just he doesn't know what he is in to.  I got dreams like that too which hints I am some sort of messiah figure.  But in order to be the real deal, man there is tremendous danger ahead.  And you need to fulfill everything that required of you and absolutely no bullshit. 

Just the other day another guy called and said he is the messiah and he told me the true way to healing and immortality is to focus with your brain and do mental excercises everyday. 

They have no idea what they are getting into. 


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alexbotSatan #1 [-]

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04/01/13 03:43
They are into Satanic forces. Satan waits to see who will win between his messiahs, and that will be the antichrist for the final armageddon. I think David Miscavige will win. Or Li Hongzhi.

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Grant #2 [-]

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12/01/13 00:08
if what you say Alex about the messiah is true, it is very unsettling.
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