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Can i win money with my new methods for lottery?

on Wed 30 Aug 2017, 17:12

Year: yo, Month: s, Day: h-IV, Empty: w & wa

      Difficulty - 39   Touch - 53

       K t   X           G m   -       grn
       P sh  -           R e   -       blk
       B s  - - J        P wa - -      wht
       B s   -            B s   -       gry
G m  R w  - -          R w  - -      yel
       P cn - - U       P cn - -      red


In the J line  we have B star. B star steal the money. But wait, i think that i stealth the money to other persons because with my lottery method could robe the money play in the lottery, isn't it? The B star is very strong. Or i'm worng? May be the method is not working. i think the method could give some money
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Re: Can i win money with my new methods for lottery?

on Fri 01 Sep 2017, 23:14
Dear chiguire hi...
.. yes I think that the new method of lottery is a good one to gain some money ..
Not much but sufficient to say that you are winner ..!!
Other first line (new methods) can someday produce the Self forth line ...
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