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Can I win the contest?

on Sat 09 Dec 2017, 17:37
I'm in a fitness contest and asked if I can win money this contest?

Year: yo, Month: t, Day: wa-VIII, Empty: sh & h

      Rich - 55       

      R sh - -       gry
      P s  - - J     yel
      G w   -        red
      B h   -        grn
      R c  - - U     blk
      K m   -        wht

I noticed a false money star, which is weak; the helper star and self line are strong. Can I win money?
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Re: Can I win the contest?

on Sat 09 Dec 2017, 18:32
why false? 

anyway, seems like you won't win money. than again a hex is just a hex is best to stay positive.
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Re: Can I win the contest?

on Mon 18 Dec 2017, 16:58
I thought ever when you ask to the lord by the i ching means you doesn't know what will happen. Do you feel fear and try answer the lord to avoid the reality. We must honest myself.  Somebody may see good things, but lothers  only see bad things. I think the I ching could show the best way to do. You must win money, experience, deals by other ways. If only see the Hexagram we can see the self line P. P means you will win money or fear too. But the U line means your opponent. The U line help to you on earth day or you could help to win if you use earth symbols, any to stimulate the earth energy. To got some money  find the water energy. This things you can make a money. Not so much but you win.
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Re: Can I win the contest?

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