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Will i go to Spain the next year? Is it good for me ? When?

on Mon 18 Dec 2017, 02:10
I got

Year: yo, Month: t, Day: e-VI, Empty: sh & h

      Need - 5        

      G t  - -       yel
      B sh  -        red
      K s  - - J     grn
      B cn  -        blk
 P e  R y   -        wht
      G t   -  U     gry

I can see the self line is K, that is "you don't go to Spain". But the  U line means the the place where i will go and  has G  star. That means the next trip is good for me. Whe can i go to Spain? The s line struck with y date. may be in February, March
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Re: Will i go to Spain the next year? Is it good for me ? When?

on Mon 18 Dec 2017, 16:31
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did you toss coins on Dec 8th ?

is always better to focus on 1 Question when tossing.  you asked:

1) will i go  next year ? // basically a yes no answer 
2) is it good for me ? // if worried about something K star = safe, or you've got nothing to worry about.
3) when will i go to Spain ? // P is the appointed for when type of Q.

you've got a single hex with no moving lines. except self bound with day e. meaning line will move in future.
hider P  is out on day e. but as long as Self bound nothing can harm/strike/kill it. 

Self, 2nd and day form a set of traps (y,e,s). y harm e, e harm s, and s harm y. Alex mentioned that in his book. the relationship between y,e,s,h is also called the posting horses representing traveling. traps + traveling + white color can represents for example. accidents, injuries etc.

however, general judgement of hex 5 - Waiting: 

"WAITING. If you are sincere,
You have light and success.
Perseverance brings good fortune.
It furthers one to cross the great water.  "
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