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Is CRM safe for BABIES?

on Tue 12 Jun 2018, 07:04
Is the CRM safe for babies? Because I co-sleep with my wife and 2 year old baby. My wife doesn't wear any ring/brace but she says she feels strong energy. She is worried none knows what it could do to a baby. So I've stopped using it sleeping a few days ago.

Usually, the baby is next to me, in between me and my wife. Only some of the times, the wife is next to me.

Since u told me that its essential to use it while asleep, Im wondering what to do? I could sleep most of the time in a different room---is there an alternative.

I had.having strong Myung Hyun reactions, the baby might get that too. Although as a 2.5 year old, my baby is very healthy.
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Re: Is CRM safe for BABIES?

on Tue 12 Jun 2018, 07:06
Christian Kim answered me:

Babies are very resilient (a LOT more so than many parents are willing to give credit for!) in their nature than grown up and I personally WOULD NOT hesitate to use CRM near my baby along with me.  

However. . . 

I would pay VERY close attention to the behavior of my baby and TAKE careful notes on EVERYTHING.  The reason why I'm keep emphasizing this TESTING is because the overall health MUST be looked at as a subject of STUDY where you are constantly LEARNING about it.  Never make any assumptions which may end up causing unforeseen consequences in the long run!  In other words, I'm NOT telling you to take careful notes and records because I expect that your baby will have any problems.  To the contrary, I expect your baby doing just fine.  But it IS always a good idea to pay attention to everything.  Simply because EVERYTHING effects everything else EVENTUALLY.

And if I noticed ANYTHING different from my baby, I would TEST out if that is caused by CRM presence or not, which will be fairly easy to do - simply STOP using CRM for several nights!  If there is a reason to believe in a connection between any ill effect and CRM, I would take several days off with CRM and try again to see if the symptoms COME back!

Since babies (healthy) natural metabolism is SO much faster/stronger than the grown ups, IF there were any Myung Hyun process and/or reaction, it will very likely DISAPPEAR very quickly.  So, if Myung Hyun lasted several days for you, it may only show up VERY LIGHTLY for a couple days or less for your baby!  Again, make sure to TEST EVERYTHING and take CAREFUL records of everything.  

Any and all process of natural healing MUST work WITH your body, not AGAINST it so don't FORCE it. 

Also, please remember that MUCH of the cause for the Myung Hyun in the first place is the collected TOXINS in your body.  I presume (again to be verified by tests) that your 2 year old baby is likely have MUCH lower concentration of bio-toxins compared to you!  More reason why I personally WOULD NOT hesitate to use CRM along with my baby on the same bed.  

Please remember that EVERYTHING that Alex Chiu makes ONLY helps the body.  Nothing is going to cause any harm (if you don't count the Myung Hyun process that is part of natural healing!).  

It's a good feeling to offer NATURAL remedy instead of laboratory manufactured chemical concoctions which ALWAYS come with side effects!
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