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on Wed 28 Jun 2017, 20:02

Career . . . . . .


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08/08/13 09:51
Hey everyone,

I have been working on a singing career for quite awhile.   I have had contracts offered for a couple of music labels to publish me.   So I have a question.   Even though there are contacts in the music industry already afloat my question is . . . . . 

Will I become a famous singer??

Year: e, Month: s, Day: wa-IV, Empty: y & m

      Little Much - 62

      P sh - -       grn
      B s  - -       blk
 K h  R w   -  J     wht
      B s   -        gry
 G m  R w  - -       yel
      P cn - - U     red


This was a confusing toss so I closed my eyes and rephrased the question somewhat but still follows the same simple guidlines . . . .

WIll I makes it as a famous singer??


Year: e, Month: s, Day: wa-IV, Empty: y & m

      Too Much - 28     Humble - 15

      G wa - -          R yo - -      grn
      R yo  O           P h  - -      blk
 K w  P h   O  J        G c  - -      wht
      R yo  -           R s   -       gry
 B y  P h   O           K w  - -      yel
      G c  - - U        G cn - -      red


There were a lot of moving lines which got me thinking perhaps I am to close to situation. Please help with the confusion, LOL.


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Xiao Hu  #1 [-]

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08/08/13 12:45
As long as you're not gonna use local time, can you please try tossing before 10 am your time (than Beijing time & your local time are same).

When you feel agitated or not enough focused, repeating the question in your mind while tossing will help cast aside other thoughts. Nevertheless, the answer might come up very differently from what you expect..  Now, If the Officer (R star) sitting on self doesn't represents worry than R is the appointed for fame and glory type of questions. 

Since you used Beijing time I'm having a bit of a problem reading your hex. The R w is either at his prime stage (strong) under day w or in retiring stage under day wa..  under month s R w is weak. Another problem is that w element traps it self so that not good as well. The hidden money star on 2nd line is linked with self line. So, 2nd line is you as well.  Problem is the money star is empty and basically dead under day & month.  If you need to invest your own money even if you get a contract that must be a problem.  U line P cn must be the contract you have in mind. but there's another sitting on 6th line. 

That said, the future isn't written in stone, you can always change it, but I Ching tells you how hard  you will have to work for results. that's all.


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Xiao Hu  #2 [-]

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08/08/13 13:03
Oh and in case you haven't figured it yourself, I'm not in anyway an expert, just a student.. So, keep that in mind  
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