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I think i caused a lot of discomfort

on Wed 28 Jun 2017, 20:10

I think i caused a lot of discomfort


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21/08/13 07:00
I think i have caused a lot of discomfort to this female colleague of mine, so i thought if she will be happier if i leave the company. Maybe she is unhappy with me right now. I don't wanna cause any discomfort to her.

I asked how does she feels if i leave the company?

Year: e, Month: s, Day: wa-VI, Empty: t & c

      Big Profit - 14   Little Storage - 9

      R e   -  U        G m   -       yel
      P wa  X           R e   -       red
      B yo  O           P wa - -      grn
      P cn  -  J        P cn  -       blk
      G y   -           G y   -       wht
      K t   -           K t   -       gry


2 moving stars, not easy to read. Pwa moves into Re that produces it and Pwa is strong, Byo also moves into a star that produces it. Both moving stars are very strong, so the second hex-top gua looks stronger than the lower one. She feels better after i left the company.

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Xiao Hu  #1 [-]

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21/08/13 09:36
Are you sure that quitting your job is enough to make her feel better..  If you acted like a jerk, apologize! Usually  that what people do when misbehaving

Oh and BTW 4th line and 5th don't move, lines bound to date.


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stn0404 #2 [-]

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21/08/13 14:27
When the lines don't move what does it means? She feels nothing even if i leave? I doubt i behave like a jerk though, the hex says anything about my behaviour?

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Xiao Hu  #3 [-]

Posts: 830
21/08/13 20:19
If you think you've done wrong,  apologize.  

Hex says you misunderstand the whole situation, and that you are embarrassed or ashamed of what you did.   To find what it means when line bound, check Alex's on -line book.
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