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What impact does fortune telling has on my life?

on Wed 28 Jun 2017, 20:22

What impact does fortune telling has on my life?


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02/09/13 15:17
Sometimes, i wonder if fortune telling is really a good thing, i love fortune telling in the past, like almost everyweek i do it. Be it online or to go fortune teller. I wonder if it is really a good thing to believe in a destiny that i feel i cannot change.

I asked iching this question.

Year: e, Month: s, Day: s-IX, Empty: sh & h

      Everlasting - 32 

      G sh - - U     wht
      R s  - -       gry
      K w   -        yel
      R yo  -  J     red
 B y  P h   -        grn
      G c  - -       blk

Gsh is dead and empty but the star itself i supporting the J, causing confusion? The white G is like some mental sickness, not necessary mental disease but worries.

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Xiao Hu  #1 [-]

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02/09/13 23:03
U line is empty and not moving.. how can line produce self line ?

I-Ching, also called the book of changes, teach you the laws of change in the universe and how as a human you can live in harmony with them. Moving lines represents a positive or a negative change in situations.  In your case there is no change, no moving lines. In my opinion, that's the problem.  Lower gua Sun/ Xun  is bordering on the submissive, Self line  R yo is very strong under dates. R yo also trap/harm itself. Hearing predictions about your future self trap/harm you into doing nothing to change your circumstances and deal with everyday trouble. 


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Xiao Hu  #2 [-]

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03/09/13 07:58
I was reminded today about this book. My friend suggested you should read 1st chapter. Here is link Liao-Fan's Four Lessons.


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stn0404 #3 [-]

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03/09/13 14:17
Thanks xiaohu, i guess you are right. I notice over the few years ever since i became obsess with fortune telling my life hardly turn for the better, i felt helpless and no point in doing anything except waiting for the tide to turn.

Since late last year i came closer to god, i cut down on fortune telling, now i still go fortune telling but lesser now. I notice some changes in myself, more tolerance and better temper now, my relation with my family gets a little better.

Thanks for link but i felt closer to the christian faith. 

I guess one day i will give up totally on fortune telling,

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Xiao Hu  #4 [-]

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04/09/13 02:08
I see the positive gear is in motion.   Who knows, you may even turn into an optimist..
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