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What kind of person have i become?

on Wed 28 Jun 2017, 20:26

What kind of person have i become?


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18/09/13 03:55
Not easy question to answer. I feel there's a change in me but i am not sure what kind of changes have taken or will be taking place. See if iching can give some insight. Anyway does the 6 match 6 strike means anything here?

Year: e, Month: yo, Day: h-IV, Empty: w & wa

      Consolidate - 22  Li - 30

      R y   -           P e   -       grn
      G t  - -          B wa - -      blk
      B sh  X  U        K yo  -       wht
 K s  G h   -           G h   -       gry
 P w  B c  - -          B c  - -      yel
      R m   -  J        R m   -       red

      6 Match           6 Strike

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Xiao Hu  #1 [-]

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18/09/13 11:35
Not sure, lower gua, Li, (=Brightness)  isn't changing. Only thing that is shifting hex from 22 to 30 is that sincere friend (white B) of yours who sits on 4th line. Guess that friend will help you see things in a different light.. 

To understand the difference between hex 22 to 30  read meaning of both hexagrams here


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stn0404 #2 [-]

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18/09/13 13:26
Is lower gua representing me? Where my J is sitting? Can the sincere friend be the holy spirit or my partnership with god?

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Xiao Hu  #3 [-]

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18/09/13 19:40
Yea,  lower gua represnt you. 

Don't you have real flesh and blood friends? Anyway, if it makes sense to you that the holy spirit is your friend than go for it.


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stn0404 #4 [-]

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19/09/13 04:25
Have friend, but too little many i have lost contact over the years due to my introvert personality. I am making a change now, going out to make more friends. However i do feel that i have a little more gratitude now, in the past no. I took things for granted.

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Xiao Hu  #5 [-]

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19/09/13 09:43
You being you, and that's ok, I hope you share your inner world, energy and joy with others, when ever you get the chance. 

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