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Will Stocks move higher this year (2014)?

on Wed 28 Jun 2017, 21:07
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Will Stocks move higher this year (2014)?


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21/01/14 14:30

Year: e, Month: c, Day: cn-IX, Empty: w & wa

      Hurt - 36        

      P yo - -       wht
      B h  - -       gry
      R c  - - J     yel
 G w  B h   -        red
      R c  - -       grn
      K m   -  U     blk


I expect that either the market will do very well the next 2 years or there will be a dip of no more than 500pts on the nasdaq and it will be hard to find opportunities for short term gains from buying stocks. The empty G star is W and year W starts Feb 4th. Month W is June. So, I think one of my ideas is correct (either a dip or continued growth), but that's not enough info. Please help me with my interpretation of this reading.


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Xiao Hu  #1 [-]

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21/01/14 16:09
According to Alex it's a not a good sign when Money star is hidden under B star.
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