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Will I get money that I expect (but have been slightly worried about)?

on Wed 28 Jun 2017, 21:08

Will I get money that I expect (but have been slightly worried about)?


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21/01/14 14:23

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 P e  R y   -           R y   -       grn
      G t   -           G t   -       blk

      6 Match           6 Strike

This question is asking if I will receive money that I am expecting on March 17th. There was a hiccup that made me worry if I will receive it, but I am pretty sure I will. My interpretation is that the 6 strike is eliminated by the moving line that binds to the date. I Ching (Huang) states that with 3 moving lines, only consult the middle moving line. This one is K produces G. So I am pretty sure that I will receive the money, though I am a little worried that my slight amount of doubt may have made it harder to read. Am I correct in my analysis, is there anything I am missing? (I will try to update it in 2 months when I know for sure.)


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21/01/14 16:24
When top line move on date m (March) 6 strike will be eliminated.  March 17th is day h same as moving Money star G h, so i guess you will receive money on time. 
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