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Is my interpretation of this reading accurate?

on Wed 28 Jun 2017, 21:11


Is my interpretation of this reading accurate?


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26/01/14 13:30
I met a girl in an art gallery (classier environment than I usually attend) and had a nice long conversation with her. I think I read this right, she may like me; but she does have a boyfriend (according to my interpretation of the reading, she never mentioned anyone.) Am I reading this right, have I missed anything? I am trying to hone my skills before I start a new business so I make good business decisions; so any critiquing is appreciated..

Year: e, Month: c, Day: yo-IV, Empty: cn & e

      Consolidate - 22  Stop - 12

      R y   -           B sh  -       grn
      G t   X           K s   -       blk
      B sh  X  U        P w   -       wht
 K s  G h   O           R m  - -      gry
 P w  B c  - -          P e  - -      yel
      R m   O  J        B wa - -      red

      6 Match           6 Match


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Xiao Hu  #1 [-]

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26/01/14 19:31
What exactly did you ask?


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Ben #2 [-]

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27/01/14 10:21
I asked if she will go out with me.


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Xiao Hu  #3 [-]

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27/01/14 14:33
Hex is positive in general. In my opinion, you can become good friends. Can you please come back with the date you went out, if she agree to go out with you? I wonder if it has anything to do with day w or year w (Fab 3rd).


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Ben #4 [-]

Posts: 54
27/01/14 15:17
Does the double 6 match mean it's not going to happen? Also, the nearest G line moves and produces an an R; implying she has a boyfriend (is this correct?) Yes, I will post whether it leads anywhere or not.


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Xiao Hu  #5 [-]

Posts: 830
27/01/14 16:06
no, although 6 match doesn't always mean yes (depend how strong the appointed is). Same goes for 6 strike = no sometimes it just mean  things will happen suddenly.

3rd line G star is linked to self line and is part of the Rm combo. Have no idea  what exactly  Rm combo means in relationship questions and unfortunately have no one to ask about that.
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