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Super Iching download program?

on Wed 28 Jun 2017, 21:13
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Super Iching download program?


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31/12/12 02:14
Hello I was wondering if there are any programs to use online or download so that I can in real life toss the coins then use the hexagram generator to give hexagram. Then use a program to put in the hexagram and have the program tell me ok based on this hexagram if your question was based on a sport your team will win, or if this is based on a girlfriend then your result is negative or positive or if this is based on money then the result based on the hexagram is positive or whatever? Because that would be great, I would love to lean Iching but in todays busy world we make up with programs.


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wwfjdraw #1 [-]

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07/02/14 01:29
Does nobody care about this? I mean this would be huge, you could charge 2.00 for it in an app store and make easy cash, and lots of it, or offer it on google play for one time free trial play from verified google play accounts, that would only allow for one free download trial.

I mean, I have no problem sitting down and learning this, but since the masters here at this forum have it down better than anybody, it would be nice for them to just make a simple program where you enter in your toss, the date, the time, ect.
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