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when will I recieve notification from s

on Wed 28 Jun 2017, 21:27


when will I recieve notification from s


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26/03/14 13:40
Still learning on this

Year: w, Month: m, Day: s-III, Empty: cn & e

      Look - 20         Lawsuit - 6

      G m   -           P sh  -       grn
 B s  R e   -           B s   -       blk
      P wa  X  J        R w   -       wht
      G m  - -          R w  - -      gry
      R e   X           P cn  -       yel
 K t  P wa - - U        G y  - -      red


as far as I have read the book, the month kills the selfline, but the date kills the month??? the selfline turns into the R star, which is suppose to mean you got something, and fire kills wood and produces the selfline and at this time e & cn are empty so I should get something when e is not empty anymore???? Or is there another date I need to focus on??? Thank you for taking a look


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Xiao Hu  #1 [-]

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27/03/14 01:00
Last night had to fix your hex again, so please make the effort to learn how to post hexagrams correctly. 

Now, when asking others to read for you, add a few words about the situation and details about the person you ask about, like who is s, a man , a woman, a relative or someone else. That info is needed to determine what the Stars represent in your hex.

As for you question, Alex says when top gua bounds back, lines are moving. In that case, one possibility for timing is when Self line frustration Star P stop moving (cut loose) on dates t or c.  Another option for timing is when 2nd line bondage with day s is broken and line can move.


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Xiao Hu  #2 [-]

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27/03/14 02:43
The way to post a hex is to check box  "Are you going to post the hexagram on the forum?" than copy to post everything including the [code] in the beginning and the end.


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dreameaglesorry #3 [-]

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28/03/14 01:13
I did copy and paste, but for some odd reason the computer will not let me do it with out accessing the clilpboard and apparently then it gets messed up, will type it in the next time; and s represents a male. thank you for pointing out that I needed to check the cut loose dates.


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Xiao Hu  #4 [-]

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28/03/14 11:27
nah don't bother typing, it's a waste of time, will fix your hexes when needed. 


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nazurcar #5 [-]

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02/04/14 10:00
It looks like what you hope for may not come, whatever that is.

Hope this info helps.


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wwfjdraw #6 [-]

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02/04/14 21:05
I will not attempt. To answer because I would hate to give bad advice since I am not done studying and writing in my notes, and I won't be till the end of April on my birthday. But I will say. That if I were you and reading hexagrams and did not know everything about I Ching, that the best chapters to go through with superiching is the charts pages, and the laws that are most important page, using those are the best options for learners.
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