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Should i use the name YZ has chosen for me?

on Wed 28 Jun 2017, 21:33


Should i use the name YZ has chosen for me?


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03/04/14 05:50
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I went to an astrologer to do a name change, the purpose is to bring me better luck in life. But I am not sure I should use the names he has given me. Anyway I have paid for his service already, I might look for one more master for reference.

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nazurcar #1 [-]

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03/04/14 12:29
This hexagram actually warns you against following whatever suggestion you may get from the astrologer.

Hope this info helps


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Xiao Hu  #2 [-]

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04/04/14 04:20
What exactly in hex gives that warning you mention? 


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stn0404 #3 [-]

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04/04/14 06:11
The moving Ph into Gcn means hoping for things to happen with the name is futile?
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