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P90 program Empty P90 program

on Thu 29 Jun 2017, 17:43

P90 program

P90 program U
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09/09/14 15:19
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      No Way - 25       Need - 5

      G sh  O           P t  - -      blk
      R s   -           G sh  -       wht
      K w   O  J        R s  - -      gry
      G cn  X           G cn  -       yel
      B y   X           B y   -       red
      P t   -  U        P t   -       grn

      6 Strike          Unstable

I was thinking of going to the gym or doing the homeworkout-P90. My goal is to get ripped. But not sure if it is a good choice to follow the P90 program and dump the gym.

The hex looks messy eh.

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P90 program Idu
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10/09/14 02:49
Hi stn0404, P90 is a fantastic program. It is very tough though, but you can just do your best the first time through. The greatest benefit of a home workout program is the structure it gives you. You know what you need to do and you just follow along. I say give it a go. Good luck!
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