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26 3,5 > 61 and 64 Empty 26 3,5 > 61 and 64

on Thu 29 Jun 2017, 18:10
26 3,5 > 61 and 64 Off_linequantum

26 3,5 > 61 and 64

26 3,5 > 61 and 64 Idu
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18/08/13 13:39

  i don't get how you are using the IC and i'd like to ask you where i can get the necessary info to understand your way of reading.

 Anyway, i want to ask you what do you think about my lasts question to the IChing.

 i asked about y exboyfriend. we split 2months ago. he's got new lovers so i thought we can be friends because i was feeling him close as familly but last time we met  he made me change my mind. so i asked  what does he wants from me?  64

is this saying he is not ready, i mean.. .that he wants that we stay each one in its place, but not close to each other?? or is he thinking to come back??

  before,  a month ago , i asked what can i expected from him? i get 23 5, 6 > 8 splitting appart, with lines saying about his new lovers and a fruit that is not eaten yet. i thought we could be friends getting the line 8 as result o the mutation!!

anyway, this is one part. here comes the second part:

i asked what do  i need to focus to succeed this cycle of my life-

   i had 26 changing line 3 and 5 becoming 61.

hex 26 it shows an steady work, and to do what i already know (when is talking about the past , this idea came to me)

it looks is telling me to work in my own things, go forward and stay in allert, and also get compromises (for example line 3 talks about joining others horses).
it shows an steady work looking also at the past , it looks is saying that i already know!

 then 61, makes me think is telling me that, by the steady work i will get who i'm.

 what do you think??

thanks a lot





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26 3,5 > 61 and 64 Off_lineXiao Hu 26 3,5 > 61 and 64 51x5vr  #1 [-]
26 3,5 > 61 and 64 U
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18/08/13 18:34

To understand the method we use here google Wen Wang Gua or check Alex's on- line site .


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26 3,5 > 61 and 64 Off_linequantum  #2 [-]
26 3,5 > 61 and 64 Idu
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19/08/13 03:18
thanks!!! i 'll check it Smile



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26 3,5 > 61 and 64 Off_lineXiao Hu 26 3,5 > 61 and 64 51x5vr  #3 [-]
26 3,5 > 61 and 64 U
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04/03/15 16:32
here's  a reading example stolen from another forum with same hexes 26 - 61. 

6 month later a woman asked "What should I do regarding x and I?".  problem is she didn't tell when she tossed the coins, date of post is May 30th 2014. now, whoever tried to read her hex picked date of toss to be day he answered her June 2nd 2014.. 26 3,5 > 61 and 64 Eyes 

Year: w, Month: e, Day: cn-I, Empty: y & m

      Big Storage - 26  Hollow - 61

      R y   -           R m   -       blk
      G t   X  U        P e   -       wht
      B sh - -          B wa - -      gry
 K s  B cn  O           B c  - -      yel
 P w  R y   -  J        R m   -       red
      G t   -           P e   -       grn


26.3 officer yin wood, so is 26.5.
This is him in your heart (26.3). He has left you because yin wood is the empty element under the house of spouse (day of reading). Yin wood is the movement star.
61.2 and 61.6 is the officer mao wood. He is not back because yin wood is the empty element under the house of spouse (day of reading).
This is the boundary of your problem.

Line 26.2 (you) and 26.5 him is at conflict over a female zi water in 26.5. This female move into a relationship situation parents si fire (taking over your spot).

line 26.2 has a hidden line (relationship wu fire), strong under the year. However, in 61.1 and 61.5 is the si fire. The relationship has moved a step back. Si water is same as house of partnership (month of the reading. The connection is still there.

line 26.3 is the third party line chen earth. This line moves back to chou earth. Relationship set back and the third party has moved away.

There is conflict between 26.3 chen earth and 26.4 xu earth. There is conflict between 61.3 chou earth and 61.4 wei earth. These are the door position. The various parties are conflicting each other.

I do not know the line 26.3 party. Hidden behind it is the child line shen metal which merges with partnership line si fire (month of reading). I think your soul cannot let go the relationship.

The whole hexagram 61 means he is improving himself for a better life and prospect, in particular 61.5.

61.6 is the far away line you mao wood. This is him. He connects to the hour of reading you with a fling (you metal). At one time, he is your sex mate and there was relationship involved.

The entire hexagram reads you situation and does not produce an answer to your problem. No female appears in the change hexagram. He is not interested in another female at present.

There is a connection between you two and is deeper than what is on the surface. You have to decide what you want to do and he also has to decide. This matter is not due to third party interference, rather the female not making a commitment to this entire relationship.

As a result, he comes and goes with no attachment.
This situation is like the Tarot card the sun. You both need space and sort things out. This is not only relationship that you can have in life. If it is not right for you, there is still other possibilities.

If the current relationship is a at crossroad, decide what to do. I think he is up to something good in building a future.

Calm your nerves and wait until you are cool enough to handle this problem yourself. The answer is not in the Iching reading, rather sits in the hollow space of hexagram 61 (line 3/4). Meanwhile, self-reflect.
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