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Self lines? Empty Self lines?

on Wed 28 Jun 2017, 14:16

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I read a lot of stuff about things producing slef lines and links between lines to produce self lines...which I see no common thread that attaches certain lines. Example you might be able to help me with

link to page:

I invited lots of people to my party. Then I tossed the coins asking will lots of people come to my party, and God gave me [Hollow] and [Cover].

Year Month Date Hour Empty Dates
sh s - iX sh & h


      Hollow - 61      Cover - 4

      R m  -          R y  -      grn
 G t  P e  O          G t  - -      blk
      B wa - - J        B sh - -      wht
 K s  B c  - -          P w  - -      gry
      R m  -          B cn  -      yel
      P e  O  U        R y  - -      red


The U line represents the crowd which I expected to come to my party. The U line P e is quite strong because it moves turning into R y which produces back at itself. The U line P e also moves to produce the self line. This means lots of people will show up. The self line's advancing B star does not represent trouble this time. The self line's advancing B star represents a big crowd because the B star represents friend(s).

How does the U line Pe move to produce the self line??

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Xiao Hu

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P star produce B star. J = Bwa
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