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Question about reading process. Empty Question about reading process.

on Thu 29 Jun 2017, 20:14
Question about reading process. Off_linewwfjdraw

Question about reading process.

Question about reading process. U
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16/06/14 01:27
I have 4 final chapters too rewrite from superiching into my book. For those who do not know what book I am talking about, I am one of the many people who can not stand how such a brilliant and informative book is so long to the extent of really needing to make a replacement of notes or a book if you will to later be able to go back and learn iching entirely but in a more summarized and easy to understand replacement. A replacement that is considerably more directly to the point of law look up, and less pages, when I say less I mean over 600 pages less when compared to superiching.

Well currently before I finish writing my book, and finish reading and learning and summarizing from superiching, I need to first get a few things done, and one of those things I am writing to the forum in hopes that everyone or anyone can help me out once again.

The one thing I need help with is to finish the chapter that I am calling :steps to performing a reading.

So in this chapter I list the steps that are involved in doing a reading.

The first step is to write down the question, and the date and time it was asked.
The next is to place in a category, of what kind of question it is, for example danger, money, love, when. ect.
The next is to see if this is reading that falls in to the category of a definitive answer. For example a 6 strike turning in to a 6 match means things will be successful for the tosser no matter what.
The next would be to see if the reading falls in to a category if it is not a definitive answer such as the retoss category, for example AC said that if too many lines move that he would just retoss the coins to get a clearer answer, and I agree, if there is something that can give an answer but is the few out there that is so messed up that it probably is best to look at the signs of such and to retoss to save energy in getting a better reading, then so be it.
The next category is to write down the goal of the reading. For example if you ask about money, you want the B star not damaging the self line and G star ect. And then write down the result next to the goal, so that at the end of the reading you can compare the goal with the result and see if it matches up with good luck or bad luck.
I will also be adding a strength of month and date to the hexagram, and how the elements that are affected by the month and date are affecting the rest of the stars.
Another section will be for appointing the stars, based on the 6 colors, based on the guas, based on the stars, based on the question, and you get the idea.
Finally I will have a section of what is the common element involved to determine a time of when.
And lastly a few sections of laws to look up based on self line, u line, lines in between self and u.
After identifying the combos, traps, graves, ect in the reading, I will have a tabbed book of laws in a chapter to allow easy and fast look up of the laws and what is happening.
I will then add a section where after completely checking everything I am left with a list of what is going on and the direction of luck to the tosser in relation to the question and what the reading is telling the tosser of what is, what will, and how something will happen in the future.
So you should be left with a list of what has happened in the reading, and what the direction of luck is.
Lastly I will compare the list with a final chapter in the book, where every law is ranked against every other law so that the tosser knows what is most likely to happen.

So the reason why I am writing this out to everyone is because I am asking for help. What can I do. To make the steps in reading faster easier? Are there any steps that I forgot?

And yes I do have AC permission from an email he replied to that gives me permission to write a summarized understanding of superiching. I will happily give a pdf copy of my entire book to ac, to the forum, and anyone who requests it. My hope is to have a book that anyone can learn from that is not 900 pages long. And that is in total around or hopefully less than 200 pages. My hope is not that my book gets credit for superiching but that it reignites the passion and love for iching reading that this forum once had, it seems that superiching forums do not have the same amount of readers and passion on a popular scale like it used to. Now I am lucky to find more than 2 people on this forum that I can get expertise from. I want this book to finally get people turned back on and not turned off to this reading process, and I think the best way to do that is to make it simple, and less complicating. 

I want a book that will act as a multiplication table that lets people after learning iching use the book in a manner of simply looking up an answer to any reading. Not a book that is hundreds of pages long explaining iching, or in this metaphor a book that is not hundreds of pages teaching multiplication, instead only one that is short and that gives you the chart or the tools to look up the answer, not to spend a lifetime constantly just trying to learn it all.

So if anyone can help with this step to reading process, in making it more simple or in anything that I have missed please chime in. Also even though I have not finished the last 4 chapters of superiching in to my book I have however finished editing my pdf book of what I have currently written so far, and they are perfect and ready for print out, on any standard printer of standard printing paper. A little advice guys. Do not try to learn from the book from the pdf unprinted. It is typed in a manner that is based on learning from from the printed version or from the pdf version in a print preview on your screen. And yes my vacation from superiching is for the most part over. I recommend everyone who is learning this to take a good month or two long vacation in between learning iching to allow it to sink in and get organized.


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Question about reading process. Off_linewwfjdraw  #1 [-]
Question about reading process. U
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11/06/15 00:37
So does everything sound about right in the steps of performing a reading? Any reply is appreciated, and not taken for granted.


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Question about reading process. Off_linewwfjdraw  #2 [-]
Question about reading process. U
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13/06/15 16:01
Really? Is this forum dead to students and only open to those wanting free readings? It seems that as years go by every time I visit this forum it is cluttered more and more with requests for free readings. and simultaneously less and less with the interest in how to learn the reading process.

Don't get me wrong, Free Readings are offered by Mr. Chiu, as posted on his site, but that was over a decade ago, and like the rest of the site, it has gone without an update, I wish it would say something updated, like get a free reading but don't take advantage of the system and ask question after question without any intent of learning the system ever yourself. Now had that been said, I hope more students would have joined.

Anyways, I am grateful to the readers who have even read for me in the past. But it seems like all people are interested in, is free readings, and almost no one except one or two actually seem interested in actually learning. I am one of those few interested in learning. Mostly, I actually think this forum should be temporarily shut down for free readings until is transformed in to a better more to the point system used for divination so that the free reading service is not necessary, instead just an easier system to get the answers from.

I am working on that project myself, however it is taking me over a year to do so, and even when I am done, I unfortunately will have a book that is a hundred if not two hundred pages long, and every time someone has a question, they will need to use this guide to laws to get an answer, and this is not perfect or easy as I would want it to be, but one step at a time. 
Any ways, I ask that please some one share insight once again regarding my questions. Thank you.


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Question about reading process. Off_lineXiao Hu Question about reading process. 51x5vr  #3 [-]
Question about reading process. U
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15/06/15 13:23
How to approach a hex is basic. If you don't know by now (a year later!) how to do that you probably didn't toss/read much.  There's no need to remember anything by heart, you've got the book and charts for that. First chapters teach the basics, the rest help you find laws and examples related to type of Q you asked.  So instead of asking others to do the job for you -  practice daily. Learn how to read your own hexes or others, with time many things you don't understand will become clear to you.


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Question about reading process. Off_linewwfjdraw  #4 [-]
Question about reading process. U
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17/06/15 12:05
Ok, Then, I'm Going to assume that the reading process I listed is correct. Unless any other readers would like to weigh in any corrections. Thank you again everyone.
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