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Proof that the rings grant Immortality Empty Proof that the rings grant Immortality

on Wed 28 Jun 2017, 14:22
Baby God Fetus

Proof that the rings grant Immortality 10002116884522e357e0652

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I asked: The rings grant immortality, right?


Year: sh, Month: yo, Day: cn-V, Empty: sh & h

      Kan - 29          Unsettled - 64

      B t   X  J        G e   -       red
      R sh  O           R wa - -      grn
      P s   X           P yo  -       blk
      G w  - - U        G w  - -      wht
      R cn  -           R cn  -       gry
      K y  - -          K y  - -      yel

      6 Strike         

Since my question ended with right?, the appointed is P because i am looking for an answer. The P star advances, but the R star retreats. But luckily, the self line turns into G e which produces the retreating R star, so R sh cannot retreat anymore. Since the R sh can't retreat anymore, it can move to produce the advancing P s. So the answer is YES

I have been practicing I-Ching for over a year now. If it didn't work, then why would i waste a year of my life doing something that didn't work? I also have a hexagram that proves that I-Ching works

On Sept. 26th, i planned to visit my old teacher at the high school (i graduated high school this past spring). So i tossed the coins and asked:

Will the meeting with my teacher be successful?


Year: sh, Month: yo, Day: w-V, Empty: t & c

      Strip - 23        Hollow - 61

      G y   -           G m   -       red
 B s  K t   X  J        R e   -       grn
      P sh - -          P wa - -      blk
      G m  - -          P c  - -      wht
      R e   X  U        G m   -       gry
      P wa  X           R e   -       yel


The first lines represent now, and the last lines represent the future. On the first lines, P wa repels P c. Trouble repels trouble. Then on the 5th line, the self line K t turns into R e, which means the meeting will be successful. Now why does trouble repel trouble? I was confused. And plus, P c is empty, and the K t has been struck lose by the date. Only Day or hour c can fulfill the emptiness and recover the K t. But i dont plan on visiting him on hour c! Whats going on?

Result: It turns out i didn't visit him that day because i took too long in the shower. My only chance to meet him was on Tuesday's, so next Tuesday (day c) I visited him, and the meeting was successful. After the meeting I checked out this hexagram again, and I now know what the hexagram was trying to tell me.
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