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on Wed 28 Jun 2017, 14:23
Hex 29 - The Abysmal sounds so ominous at first glance, but really I think it's a positive hexagram.

Here's an excerpt from this article by Denise Linn:  He said, “In Iraq I woke up every morning accepting my death. I know that this sounds strange, but it gave me a kind of peace. I wasn’t afraid of dying in battle, because I had already accepted my death. This allowed a kind of peace to fill me and maybe it also helped keep me safe because on the battlefield I wasn’t always reacting out of fear.”

I told him that I was of Cherokee heritage, and Native American warriors had a similar code. My ancestors would wake up in the morning and say, “It’s a good day to die.” This didn’t mean that they wanted to die, but it meant that in every moment there was a feeling of completion and a satisfaction. In a way, this is totally being in the present moment. It is a powerful stand to take in life. Accepting. Open. Present. Aware.

Maybe the meaning of Hex 29, "danger repeated", is about coming to a place where by encountering fear over and over again we finally learn to transcend them - flowing like water around all obstacles - unstoppable. Kind of like Love. Somewhere I read that Hex 29 means embracing all we encounter!  The tantra of life. Also, water is associated with feelings and emotion. Love is dangerous territory! But as Wilhelm translates "If you are sincere, you have success in your heart, and whatever you do succeeds."

Some talks about repeating patterns with regard to 29. My, how we sabotage ourselves with patterns of behavior embedded in our subconscious! These are patterns we have to get over! Repetition and practice as a way of overcoming our fears.

29 isn't even always about fears...I think it can be very much about turbulent emotions that toss one about, that one can't master, that one has to go with.

Theres no instruction or judgment there . Yi isn't saying you have to do this or that...more like theres the boat theres the swirling water, do you want to get in ?

Of course we could get 29 about anything...the bath that time to face our fears lol ? Our pet gerbils that an instruction for the gerbil to face his fears or should we take him to the vet because he has a recurrent and rather nasty illness
One can never 'boil' an entire hexagram down to a few words really. Facing fears may be the advice if something is important to you or perhaps something you desire. Other times 29 can just indicate that if you take that route you face an unpleasantly rocky ride and jeopardize your security.
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