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My mother is a superwoman! Empty My mother is a superwoman!

Thu 29 Jun 2017, 22:59
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Hey Foxy Roxy!
thank you for your answer!
Yes my mother is a superwoman she is 61 and look like 45
she have allways look younger, that is not beacuse of the ring right now,
but she feels stronger, and when i saw her last week she
looks more beauty than ever.
(My own exp.) if i i use them to much, i feelt to much
energy and almost feeling sick, when i use the rings about 2-4 hours
i feeling just fine. Foxy? what are your exp. whit the rings?
Sorry about my bad english!
Have a nice day!

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Hey Hakan,

You will feel a bit 'off' at first wearing the neo rings. In a way, this is a good thing as it means your body is reacting to them. Because you are feeling ill, it best that you wear them for short periods of time - 2 to 3 hours per day is good to start with. Increase this by about an hour per week.

I am more than happy to share my experience with the rings Smile I started off with the white immortality rings (weaker) about 2.5 years ago and swapped to the black neo rings about 12 months ago. Even though I had started off with the weaker rings, I still felt a wee bit 'off' when I started with the neo rings - I wear the rings at night when I sleep, so they are on for about 6 to 7 hours per night Wink For about the first 2 weeks I woke up in the morning feeling tired yet I had lots of energy. This great as I have two children under the age 5 Very Happy

I have found that the rings also help the body absorb and use any medications alot better as well as help the body bounce back from illness. It is important to maintain a healthy diet but don't go too overboard. What I mean by this is if you like to eat chocolate, then eat chocolate just cut down on the amount Wink I have tried and tried to cut out chocolate and the like only to find that it made me miserable, which effects you in negative ways. Any exercise I do, I see/feel the effects within a day or so.

That is fantastic that your mother is feeling the results and even better that you have noticed - this will boost her confidence so much, which will have such a positive effect on her overall Very Happy

Also don't worry about your english, it's fine Wink Very Happy

Wishing you all the best,

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