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Tyring to predict a football game Empty Tyring to predict a football game

on Wed 28 Jun 2017, 15:04

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So after trying to understand about Iching and sports, I tried to predict a football game. In the hex below. I wanted team J to win over team U, however Team U ended up winning when I thought it would be J. Any help in how team U won would be great. I see clear signs which is loser and winner by the stars, but I want a little more info. Don't understand what U's "R"moving into "K" means. R=winner, but K=loser so don't see how team "U" won. Thanks for any help!!


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I 'd like to inform you that when you want to post a hex, you must go to the hex generator and then you copy and paste the hex including both [code]in the beginning on top and then [code] at the end. I dont see a [code] in the end so that 's why you hex appears to be a mess. This way you ll have a clearer appearence on your hex.


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Oh you got a 6 strike.
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