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Xiao Hu
Xiao Hu
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Mein Furor! Empty Mein Furor!

Sat 01 Jul 2017, 09:55
Mein Furor! Off_lineLobsang

Mein Furor!

Mein Furor! Idu
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18/02/17 06:06
I am still with you. 



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Mein Furor! Off_lineAlexYCChiu  #1 [-]
Mein Furor! Idu
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11/03/17 21:35
OMG. Lobsang. Where have you been? I thought you are dead or something. Last time I heard from you you said your son died. I thought you killed yourself because you just disappeared!

Hey our time is very near. Ready to rebuild the party?

Check out my discovery about the prophecies of Daniel here. Our time is very near.

And I am filing another patent. This time a healing machine so incredible it will blow everything else on the market away. Rife machine or collidal silver ain't shit comparing to my new machine. I worked 25 years for this machine. And now its finally completed.


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Mein Furor! Off_lineArtemis.lavalounge  #2 [-]
Mein Furor! Lavalounge
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15/03/17 00:01
With the help of D.J. Trump, healing machine shall be established.


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Mein Furor! Off_linealexbot  #3 [-]
Mein Furor! Idu
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16/03/17 06:03
It wil be terrific! Alex is a good man!
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