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Has a big Earthquake in Caracas , Venezuela very soon? Empty Has a big Earthquake in Caracas , Venezuela very soon?

on Sat 02 Sep 2017, 18:50

Year: yo, Month: s, Day: c-VI, Empty: w & wa

      Feed - 27              Fog - 3

         B y   O              P t  - -      yel
 K e     P t   X              G sh  -       red
         G sh - - J           R s  - -      grn
 R yo    G cn - -             G cn - -      blk
         B y  - -             B y  - -      wht
         P t   -  U           P t   -       gry

First question: Feed 27 is the image of Mountain over thunder (Earthquake?) and the next image is water over thunder ( Storm?) Earthquake in the storm?)
We look the 5º and 6º lines because they are moving line. P line move to G and this kill back. But K line is hidden. K means nothing  or" kill" too?  I had situations where the k line may understood like kill and not like "nothing". is it possible?
If the k line is "Kill" we asume that when K line show is the day or month h ( November?). But P kill k line or P line is weak because g line? The next line to study is the B line. The B line is strong, and B line weak to P line because send energy to B line: Could be K show when earthquake? Regards
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