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Examples of Wen Wang Gua Empty Examples of Wen Wang Gua

on Wed 28 Jun 2017, 15:08
Examples of Wen Wang Gua ( by Harmen Mesker )     View next topic
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Harmen Mesker has used examples from the book of Shao Weihua (book is written in chinese Sad ).

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Shao Weihua books suck. Very unorganized and lots of printing error. I mean printing error. Stars and elements were misprinted, and very messy. I learned Iching using all his books though. But I must say he did a messy job. And lots of his interpretations are pure psychic instinct.

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Link isn't working...

Here are 2 examples from Shao Weihua.


In April 1986 six students from the school in my unit ran away because they were criticized by their teacher. Three days had passed; the parents, school authorities and people from the unit had searched everywhere but did not find them. The parents were very worried; especially the grandparents were very much upset. Some parents were so much worried that they came to me to ask me if I could give news about the children. On the basis of the date and time when the children ran away I threw a hexagram; I got (2), changing into (23).

Year: y, Month: cn, Day: wa-X, Empty: s & yo

      Quen - 2          Strip - 23

      K yo  X  J        R y   -       wht
      G h  - -          G t  - -      gry
      B c  - -          B sh - -      yel
      R m  - - U        R m  - -      red
      P e  - -          P e  - -      grn
      B wa - -          B wa - -      blk

      6 Strike        

After I looked at the hexagram I told the parents that it was good to come to me for advice.
1. When the children ran away they did not leave the factory, they stayed in the northeast direction; only the second day they left in southwest direction;
2. The children are safe, there are people helping them, they have enough to eat;
3. Today in the afternoon (day (J)(12)) between 3 o'clock and 7 o'clock the children will not return, they will be taking a rest;
4. Before 23 May the children definitely will be able to return

That day, after six o'clock some people came to my house to inform me that they went to look for the children at the bell tower of Xi'an (this is the southwest region of my unit), not knowing that the children already has left that place. But the next day the children returned. We asked if the day that they ran away they did not leave the factory immediately but stayed in the northeast region. Everything was as I had predicted.

Explanation: Kun belongs to the wuxing Earth, which is still, quiet; therefore they did not move on the first day. The trigram Kun changes into Gen , which belongs to the northeast. The liuqin Children (10) (M) changes into (3) (Wo), this is also the northeast, Kun belongs to the southwest. 酉 (10) 金 (M) is the yongshen, it resides in Kun and Gen wuxing's Earth (which are) yuanshen-trigrams① and therefore there is help from other people. Kun belongs to one of the five cereals②, there is food, they have enough to eat, certainly they are safe. The eleventh day is 亥 (12), 亥 (12) 水 (Wa) clashes with Parent line 巳 (6) 火 (F), Parents means messages. Three o'clock to seven o'clock in the afternoon are the hours 申 (9) and 酉 (10)③, Metal prospers and gives birth to Water, Water prospers④ and clashes with the moving⑤ Parents line 巳 (6) 火 (F), it clashes therefore it must move; the Parents line moving means information will be delivered. 20 May (lunar calendar 4th month, day 12 甲子 (1) ) the children will return because the 巳 (6), 酉 (10), and 丑 (2) lines in the hexagram form a Children State of Triple Change , the eleventh day 亥 (12) 水 (Wa) clashes with (Parent line) (6) (F), the twelfth day (1) (Wa) combines with (2) (E), 酉 (10) 金 (M) does not have a combination, at hour (4) there is a clash with moving line 酉 (10) 金 (M) therefore they will return at that time.

The wuxing of the trigrams Kun and Kun is Earth; Earth is also the wuxing of the yuanshen wugu - rice, two kinds of millet, wheat, beans Both belonging to wuxing Metal. Water prospers because there are already two Water lines in the hexagram
When a line clashes with the month or date, that line moves. 'Children' because the resulting wuxing of the sanhe is Metal, which is the Children line Metal.

The liushen, the 'Six Spirits', also called liushou 'Six Animals', are six important star constellations in the Chinese sky. They play an important role in Daoism, and have found their way in the wen wang gua system, where each has its own specific function. Their names are:
Baihu White Tiger (WT)
engshe Flying Serpent (FS)
Gouchen Polaris (P)
Zhuque Vermilion Bird (
Qinglong Green Dragon (GD)
Xuanwu Black Tortoise (BT)

Liushen main affairs:

The Green Dragon masters auspicious and happy events, but when it conquers the shi 世line or the yongshen 用神 there is trouble of grieve amidst happiness.

The Vermilion Bird masters quarrels and errors in government.
Polaris (masters) worries about cultivated fields, prisons and battles.

Flying Serpent masters affairs of false alarms, and strange phenomena.
The White Tiger masters bad luck, injuries and mourning periods.

The Black Tortoise is for bandits and clandestine affairs.
The liushen are linked to the lines of a hexagram. Which Spirit is linked to which line is decided by the Stem of the day:

When the liushen are consulted for a prediction they work as follows: if the hexagram is auspicious, having the Green Dragon (moving) makes it more auspicious; if the hexagram is unlucky, having the Dragon or Snake (moving) makes it more unlucky.

Tomorrow you will definitely find it

In Februari 1985 a man named Zhao came to me saying: "At noon I came from work and parked my car in front of the main gate of my house. When I wanted to go back to work at one o'clock my car had disappeared. I searched everywhere but could not find it. Can you foresee if I will get it back?" I got 坎 (29) changing to 比 (Cool.

Will I find my lost car?. Date tossed: Feb 2nd 1985

Year: m, Month: cn, Day: sh-III, Empty: w & wa

      Kan - 29          Compare - 8

      B t  - - J        B t  - -      grn
      R sh  -           R sh  -       blk
      P s  - -          P s  - -      wht
      G w  - - U        K m  - -      gry
      R cn  O           G e  - -      yel
      K y  - -          R wa - -      red

      6 Strike          Stable

I don’t see how the lost car can be found tomorrow at day h, unless I reason that the strike loose line 2 will regain it strength at hour s. That is the only possibility for the line to move at that hour.

Do not worry, your car will be found tomorrow at hour shen 申 (3-5 pm) in the afternoon." When Zhao heard this he gladly went back to work . The second day at 4 o'clock his car was found at the side of the road, as expected.

Shao means that the shi line clashes with the month. 7

Explanation: Kan (29) covers vehicles, The Parents Line 申 (9) 金 (M) is the yongshen, the yongshen is the same as the day and produces the shi Line, moreover the Wife & Wealth Line 午 (7) 火 (F) changes into Children 卯 (4) 木 (Wo) which in return produces it, this is the image of not losing something. The Offical & Ghost Line 辰 (5) 土 (E) moving means a person stealing. Day two is 酉 (10) 金 (M), 辰 (5) and 酉 (10) combine resulting in Metal①, which is the yongshen, it produces the shi line 子 (1) 水 (Wa), this too is the image of something that is not lost.
The second day at time shen 申 (9) it will return: The second day is 酉 (10) 金 (M), 酉 (10 )金 (M) produces the received hexagram Kan 坎 (29), moreover the yongshen is prosperous (on this day)② and produces the shi line. The hexagram itself is produced, and the shi line is produced - these are the first clues. The person who came was standing when consulting the oracle, therefore I added the number of the hexagram③ to the number of the moving line, the result is 14. From half past two on this day to tomorrow half past four in the afternoon is exactly 14 (double-)hours, furthermore the second day also has a meeting of day 酉 and hour 申④. Therefore the car will be found at the second day in hour shen 申.

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Very information and interesting thread, I like it.
Thanks for sharing
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