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Did I read this right? Empty Did I read this right?

Sat 18 Nov 2017, 18:26

Year: yo, Month: h, Day: sh-VII, Empty: y & m

      Rich - 55         Quen - 2

      R sh - -          P yo - -      gry
      P s  - - J        B h  - -      yel
      G w   O           R c  - -      red
      B h   O           K m  - -      grn
      R c  - - U        G e  - -      blk
      K m   O           R wa - -      wht

                        6 Strike

I don't see many combo's, so I wanted to verify this. I was asking if I will make money if I go to work today (optional) and got this. My interpretation is that it's a permanant 6 strike, the opponent line receives the combo and the money star which may connect to self line is weak. Nothing seems to claim I will make money, but I might have issues with one of my managers (who is a good closer, but a pain to deal with) and other reps will probably get most or all of the deals. Did I interpret this correctly, as far as the actual prediction; I will take my weekend off (so the actual result will only be what the rest of the room got, which is an indicator but I predict they would do well and I would do poorly.)
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