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Tell me about Venezuela Empty Tell me about Venezuela

Wed 07 Mar 2018, 04:30
My Lord i ask about Venezuela. I wish chang the governet, the president. But, i think your will is more important than i want it. Please my Lord Tell me about Venezuelawill coming. I obtain
Year: sh, Month: m, Day: yo-IV, Empty: cn & e

      Revolution - 49   Hide - 33

        R wa  X           R sh  -       grn
        P yo  -            P s   -       blk
        B h   -  J         G w   -       wht
 G w  B h   -             P s   -       gry
        R c  - -           G w  - -      yel
        K m   O  U        R cn - -      red

Two things will change: The people and the chief or gods protectos or assesors, the first and the last line, very soon. the first line represent the people, ingenous like a kid. The kid will change to the robbery, the power, the judge. And the last line, the six line change too. The people change first in m date (march), wait the link with the monthdesn't may change on yo month, or day or hour. I think in yo month(september) will change the gorvenor of Venezuela. One revolution is go a head,but something hide is coming.
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