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Fathers inheritance Empty Fathers inheritance

on Wed 28 Jun 2017, 15:10
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My uncle sold my grandmothers house
my uncles name is on the house and he has not wanted to give inheritance to my father

i asked will my father be able to get his inheritance, signing the paperwork on the closing day?


Year: c, Month: w, Day: s-V, Empty: y & m

      Consolidate - 22  Li - 30

      R y   -           P e   -       red
      G t  - -          B wa - -      grn
      B sh  X  U        K yo  -       blk
 K s  G h   -           G h   -       wht
 P w  B c  - -          B c  - -      gry
      R m   -  J        R m   -       yel

      6 Match           6 Strike

its looks like problems
its told that my father and my uncles and aunts will get their inheritance
but my uncle did take out my fathers name on the house, there were just 3 names
my uncle, my father and my grandmother
of course my father thinks that my uncle took his name out of the house

m, y weak and dead day s strikes it to move

Gt star strikes loose because mo. w
move t,c,

6 match then 6 strike?

hex 22 is auspicious good things happening
hex 30 line 4 conflicts, danger of double fire, try to stay in control of feelings

I asked will my father be able to get his inheritance in Aug?


Year: c, Month: w, Day: s-V, Empty: y & m

      Hide - 33         Look - 20

      P sh  -           G m   -       red
      B s   -  U        R e   -       grn
      R w   O           P wa - -      blk
      B s   O           G m  - -      wht
 G y  R w  - - J        R e  - -      gry
 K t  P cn - -          P wa - -      yel

weak and dead m,y
Kt strikes loose move on t,c
line 4 blk R produces the P star
line 3 wht B star kills the G star

self Gy star produces the Rw star

will my father get his inheritance?
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