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More about the 5 "Stars"  Empty More about the 5 "Stars"

Tue 26 Jun 2018, 17:52
1) Parent (P star) meanings:
parents, grandfather, grandmother, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, aunt, uncle, aunt, uncle, teacher, mother, father, elders.
heaven and earth, land, tombs, cities,  walls, buildings, architecture, engineering, bicycle, car, train, ship, aircraft and other means of transport, rain, snow, raincoats, umbrellas, clothing, shoes, hats, cloth, scarves, masks, reports, articles, documents, books, newspapers, , letters, contracts, information,
messages, signals, schools, hospitals, head, face, chest, back etc....

2) Officer/Ghost (R star) meaning:
husband, men, fame, rank, name imperial government,  public security, lawsuit,  government,  judiciary, leaders at higher levels, lightning, fog, smoke, spirits, thieves, bad people,  fugitives, disaster , grief, an official position, work, school, occupation, owner, disease, corpse, dead, lesions, virus, distracting
thoughts, problems and so on..

3) Sibling /Brother (B star) meanings:
brothers, sisters, friends, colleagues, barrier, obstacle, competition, or even bankruptcy, to spend/waste, turmoil , door, toilets, walls, greedy, gambling, robbery, competitor, arm, arms, legs, feet, teeth , stomach, shoulder, bladder, indigestion and so on.

4) Wealth/Wife (G star) meanings:
wife, spouse, woman, lover, girlfriend, servants, nannies, entourage , followers, employees, property, funds, financial situation, value,
money, artifacts , warehouse, food/grain, stoves, kitchen, plants  (trees,herbs, vegetables), goods, dowry, official's salary (in feudal
times), wages, income, reward , expenses, fees, transported Goods,  precious stones, jewelry, daily commodities , clear sky/sunny day,
hair, food & drink, breathe, tears, urine, sweat,  milk, snot, all kinds of body fluid, waist/lower back/loins etc..

5) ) Child (K star) meanings: 
children, descendants, grandchildren, infant, babies, younger,generation, future generations. niece, nephew, monk, priest , nun,
disciple, soldier, public security (police), good fortune/luck,  source of wealth, roads, corridors, animals, day, month, star, birthday,
sunny day, booze, Joyful, entertainment& having fun, carefree,  doctor/cure, nutrition, drug/medicine, breast, the 5 senses, talisman/charm, qigong expert, female shaman, Sorcerer, esophagus , throat, windpipe, eye, ear, mouth, nose, blood vessel/vein, intestine, reproductive organs and bone marrow.
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More about the 5 "Stars"  Empty Re: More about the 5 "Stars"

Thu 28 Jun 2018, 14:58
Thank you
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