Another Liu Wende example:

The CEO of a Thilland compony asks me when can a certain woman expect to have a baby in the future? If this woman does have baby in the future will it be a boy or a girl?

Year: s, Month: cn, Day: cn-VII, Empty: s & yo

      Consolidate - 22  Feed - 27

      R y   -           R y   -       gry
      G t  - -          G t  - -      yel
      B sh - - U        B sh - -      red
 K s  G h   O           B cn - -      grn
 P w  B c  - -          R y  - -      blk
      R m   -  J        G t   -       wht

      6 Match           Unstable

One big danger of divinition is hints. The questioner sometimes conciously or unconciously tell you things that can give you worng perceptions, leading you to thewrong direction. If i read this hexagram using the his hints, I would conclude this certain lady has to wait until year h to have a baby (I have no idea why he didn't explain), But after looking at the hexagram I disregarded his hints and said "this woman is your wife, your current , not the previous one. She is already pregnant with a boy. Looks like I will have to congratulate you in the month h of this year.

The CEO was shocked when he heard it, and said to his secretary, "Chinese Iching is so accurate". Actually he already took his wife to the hospital for examination. He knew it's a boy and the expected due date is month h. At the same time he confirmed that this is his 2nd wife.

How did Mr. Liu Wende figure it out?

Looking at the hexagarm the outer trigram os quite and the inner trigram is active. This is saying that the lady he's asking about is someone close to him, therefore she is his wife. However, there are 2 G stars, therefor he had another wife.

Line 5 is the primary line of a hexagram , meaning the G t on line 5 represnt his first wife. But Gt is a  ying line on a yang position (line 1,3,5 are yang positions, line 2,4,6 are ying positions;  means this line is unstable;  this came from the I Ching text), and G t and the self line Rm traps each other,  and line 5 is the Hook Deity (Alex calls it yellow color; the chinese name is Guo Chen, Gua by itself means "hook") therefore their divorce has been approved (this is a play of words that's difficult to translate to English; basically it's saying the divorce papers has been approved by the judge drawing a check mark on it, and the check mark looks like a hook)

Although the G h on line 3 is not on the primary line, it's yang line in a yang position, and the G h is happily combining with R m (this is called a half combination), therefore she is  the 2nd wife and the current wife. K s is hiding under G h and moving on a Green line, moving Green line means event worth celebarting. The K s is at the Embryo stage, of 12 cycle under m of the self line, clearly  indicating this baby is seeded by this CEO. K s is on line 3 represents abdomen, and s is at the Preganacy stage of 12 stage cycle under month cn and day cn, thereforehis wife is already pregnant inside her belly. the way the CEO asked to question seems to indicate the woman is not currrently pregnant. It's just him trying to confuse me.

Line 2 and line 4 surrounds and produces K s , K s produces the belly G h, and the belly G h becomes bigger and bigger everyday. Evan though his wife is far a way in Thailland the hexagram is depicting this picture very clearly. G h moves, K s is same as the year, this is saying the birth time is month h of this year.  Because after G h moves the outcome is the Zhen trigram,  Zhen represents first son, and K s is a yang line is a yang position and K s is a yang line surrounded by ying lines (I think this surrounding thing came from Wild Crane's book on how to tell gender of a baby), therefore the baby is male.

Sure enough the wife gave birth to a boy in month h. Two years later I met with this CEO again along with his wife and son. He said to me, this is the boy you predicted . He was very cute boy indeed!