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When call me by a new job? Empty When call me by a new job?

Thu 20 Sep 2018, 13:26
Hi everybody. I so worry because i don't hace a job. I ask to the masters if somebody call me yo give me a job? Obtain

Year: sh, Month: yo, Day: sh-VII, Empty: y & m
      Abide - 17        Duay - 58
      G wa - - U        G wa - -      gry
      R yo  -           R yo  -       yel
 K w  P h   -           P h   -       red
      G cn - - J        G c  - -      grn
      B y   X           B m   -       blk
      P t   -           K e   -       wht
      Stable            6 Strike

I think one a hunt talent yo give me a job when broke the empty date on S day,Monty. I hope isn't a S year
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