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How to ask questions Empty How to ask questions

Wed 28 Jun 2017, 19:39
To know how to ask questions to I Ching is very important, it's the first step to get an accurate answer. If your mind is not focused, you wont get a precise answer. You have to do the effort yourself. These are some basic rules:

- select a time to dedicate to the question, don't be in hurry

- focus your mind, make clear to yourself exactly what you want to know.

Becareful, because the ordinary mind is tricky, tell yourself a story, but actually is thinking something else. So a little preparation is needed. Relax, breath and get free of unwanted thoughts.

In case you are more experienced, you need to fix the appointed star in advance (or what is J and what U) is also a method someone finds useful, but that's up to you

- write down your question in a file or notebook to record ALL of them

- when everything is clear, toss the coins in a neutral state.

- use the hexagram generator. If you don't know how to use it, take time to learn before asking ANY question. Remember, you have to do your own effort. For nothing, nothing is given.
Please I Ching by showing respect by learning to use the proper tools to question him, that's the best way.

- when things has happened (or not happened), and the outcome is known, come back to compare your findings with your previous understanding of the hexagrams. You will learn a lot from your own experience.


Sometime we can be very agitated or emotionally involved and not enough focused, neutral or free from unwanted thoughts, as required. Well, we still can ask I Ching. Just need to repeat continuosly the question in our mind while tossing the coins. The mental repetition will cast aside other thoughts, at least for the time needed.
Nevertheless, the answer might come up very differetely from what you expect, because I Ching can put your anxiety in the picture and tell you if you'll be relief and happy or not, according to a certain outcome.

An example of this might be:

You ask "Will I have that money?" and happen to be very worried about he money issue, I Ching may answer by an Officer, Guan- Gui (R star) sitting on the self line, moving into a powerful Child, Zi- Sun (K star) killing back. That sounds terrible for power and possession forecast. But can be a wonderful answer on the other hand. The Officer (R star) is worry and anxiety and a moving Child (K star) killing back is relief from anxiety. You'll be happy, and this mean that you will get the money.

So, if you aim to a clear and objective picture of the situation, you have to establish a clear and objective mental state within yourself first, called neutrality. If you are very involved, nothing wrong, but just consider the above.
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