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Relationships & Astrology Empty Relationships & Astrology

on Wed 28 Jun 2017, 20:57

Not Knowing much about western Astrology I asked one of our oldest members, a wise man who I truly respect,  to help me understand a few things. With his permission would like to share his words with all of you.

Let us go back to the understanding that there is no one reality.  No one intrinsically better than another.  They simply are.  Look at it this way.  All of our lives are less than ideal IF we really think about it.  What I am saying is that IF we look at our lives and truthfully think about it we will find that there have been events in our lives that we feel were less than ideal.  So nobody has the perfect scenario in every way.  Nobody has a life that plays out ideal in every way.  So you see there are so many valid possibilities that Astrology is simply a tool to negotiate them.  It is very dangerous to get locked into absolutes because there is not one.

Life needs to be managed generally with astrology and not so much specifically.  Astrology is an oracle.  What I mean is that it is a tool that a PERSON uses to see deeper into reality.  To see deeper into reality is to see relationships that normally go un noticed. Astrology looks at CYCLES.  Ultimately we are looking at the cycles of the girl and the cycles of the guy and how they line up.  It is true that 2 people can have cycles that are very strong in terms of correctness for each other.  But please understand that there are other people in the world.  Other guys that will have cycles that relate to the girl very well.  So there are many possibilities. 

I just do not think people understand astrology.  When this universe was set into motion all kinds of cycles began.  From the very grand to the very small.  Long and short.  All the cycles of this universe are timed to each other.  We can read one cycle by looking at another.  The planets orbit.  They cycle.  Everything cycles.  Man has cycles and those cycles have the attributes of all things in this universe.

Earth takes 365 days to orbit the sun.  Man has ton's of yearly cycles.  Moon takes about a month to go around Earth.  Man has many monthly cycles. Saturn takes about 30 years and man has 30 year cycles.  Look at the orbit times of the planets and you will see how man has cycles that are similar.  Civilization does too.  Man's cycles are mirrored in the planets close to the sun.  As we get to the planets far from the sun those planets reflect cycles beyond the lifespan of man.

In any event astrology is the study of orbits and cycles of heavenly bodies.  Astrology draws conclusions about how these cycles fraction into the cycles of our lives.  You are simply reading one by looking at the other. 

In terms of guys and girls.   Relationships.  Astrology comes into play simply because it comes into play in all things.  But the truth is that a compatible chart is a good thing but love is an issue of the heart.  For example.  My teenage son died last year.  He could not walk, talk or anything like that.  Well what if I had of looked at Astrology and not had him?  He did amazing things to help people in his short years.  He healed a lot of hearts.  He was loved.  But Astrology may have lead me away from ever having him.  That would have been a bad thing. 

So letting astrology run our lives is a bad thing.  It is a bad thing because it involves us making decisions we are not equipped to make.  Decisions that come to close to God.  Astrology is to be used as a helper and not to live by.  When you use it to live by.  When you use it to determine exactly who you should marry that is the knowledge of good and evil.  That is not man's domain. Yes one will get what they seek but the problem is that they will get EVERYTHING ELSE that goes with it.   So personally I think it is better too let God run our lives that to steal information which we are unequipped to apply correctly. 

I think the thing to do is to seek goodness and seek the heart.  Play the cards we are dealt and not try and deal the cards. Astrology helps play the cards better but should not peek beyond the rules. Why?  We are humans and part of our learning is to work with the cards dealt. When we start messing with things that we don't understand we suffer. 

When one starts thinking astrology can tell who one should marry or will marry they are bridging into a place they are not allowed to go.  Mankind is not ready for that information because along with those choices come bad stuff too.  All lives will have good and bad with astrology and without astrology. 

It is really dangerous to pick a person with astrology because the internal mechanism of people getting into relationships is controlled by the heart and telepathy.  Instead of getting all dependent on astrology we should strive toward a heart of kindness and goodness.  We should get involved with good things like helping people and nurturing them.  When we do that the person for us will come.  Good brings good and evil brings evil. 

Mankind is so self possessed. Always wanting to use occult knowledge like astrology for personal gain.  Real personal gain comes from helping others.  If a person spends their time helping others it is amazing how the right person comes along.  The human heart is far more accurate than astrology but for the heart to be accurate it must be in the right place. 


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Relationships & Astrology Off_lineMiracle  #1 [-]
Relationships & Astrology Horoscopeschat
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14/10/13 00:02
I Like!!


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Relationships & Astrology Off_linetruthinlove  #2 [-]
Relationships & Astrology Idu
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29/10/13 00:41
Astrology is not destiny. I don't take it all too seriously but find it fun when the descriptions ring true


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Relationships & Astrology Off_lineMeerkats64 i liked your article #3 [-]
Relationships & Astrology Idu
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06/11/13 16:20
astrology etc is not destiny & they are not religions either

choices in life make your destiny

fate is "when you give it your all" either you get the outcome you hope for or not

for those who like to experiment explore in astrology, i ching, runes etc treat them with respect but they are not religions

if you don t learn from others then learn from yourself



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Relationships & Astrology Off_linetruthinlove  #4 [-]
Relationships & Astrology Idu
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10/11/13 05:59
I couldn't agree with you more.
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