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should I give up my social life...

on Thu 29 Jun 2017, 17:59

should I give up my social life for a part time law degree?


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03/02/15 07:33
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I am not referring to prospect wise but the time taken. I might have to give up many things include social life, is it really worth spending that 3 years but giving up other aspect of life. End up with career only but no other things?

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Xiao Hu  #1 [-]

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03/02/15 08:32
stick to your social life and the rest,  Friend B lines in hex are far to strong.  

Hex 27 says

Pay heed to the providing of nourishment
    And to what a man seeks
    To fill his own mouth with.

In bestowing care and nourishment, it is important that the right people
should be taken care of and that we should attend to our own nourishment
in the right way. If we wish to know what anyone is like, we have only to
observe on whom he bestows his care and what sides of his own nature he
cultivates and nourishes.

If we wish to know whether anyone is superior or not, we need only observe
what part of his being he regards as especially important. The body has
superior and inferior, important and unimportant parts. We must not injure
important parts for the sake of the unimportant, nor must we injure the
superior parts for the sake of the inferior. He who cultivates the inferior parts
of his nature is an inferior man. He who cultivates the superior parts of his
nature is a superior man.


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stn0404 #2 [-]

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03/02/15 15:28
Friend B lines in hex are far to strong >> actually what does this means?

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Xiao Hu  #3 [-]

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03/02/15 18:11
if you really wanted to study you would  have done it years ago. your B star lines are standing in between you and U line, your future. The friend stars  are very strong and you lack the will  to really do something about law school beside toying with the idea in mind.  to find more about the stars check Alex's book.

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